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10 concerns an intelligent woman

10 concerns an intelligent woman

We already wrote about how many problems faced by beautiful women. It’s time to talk about that how hard women have clever. Here in general it’s complicated. Highly.

You’re all jealous

And even then when nothing much is happening in your life. Yes you are jealous in that moment when you get another increase but simply because out of the blue too jealous. Because you have a life that others do not if you do something is not enough you can always get it because you’re smart. Additional education? Easily. Another foreign language? Easily! The art of intrigue and manipulation, too, is subject to you. You’re just all-powerful! In fact, there is of course but many believe it. Seriously.

You seem arrogant people

Even if you do not have the habit to tell people their mistakes and to act in the role of grammar-nazi you will still find an arrogant person. You’re always right and can prove it. You can not be out-argue reinforced concrete logic irrefutable arguments and sharp like a katana a language any controversy you use your mind to the full extent and no one likes you always lose. Moreover some people think that you use them as a background so that your mind is brighter shine on the background of their impenetrable stupidity. That of course is not the case you’re smart and you know nobody likes to look like an idiot. But this is the case when umische firstly in the pocket you can not hide and secondly not invested in someone else’s head. Unfortunately.

You have no margin for error

You it will not be forgiven and you know it and from childhood my mother probably will not just tell you it is a shame to get bad grades at such a mind not as gifted children can afford it and you can not you also not difficult excellent study and therefore you lazy. Exactly the same as you repeat the teachers then teachers at the institute then the chief at work and you know that everything absolutely everything you expect from the only outstanding results. And try to match. There is nothing good about that of course because it is a direct path to perfectionism which is considerably spoil your life.

You keep a lid on their feelings

There are situations which should stop thinking and give vent to their emotions but you can not do that the habit of analyzing everything take apart, and does not leave you never set out on shelves. As a result, your every emotion is first subjected to deeper analysis and after you as a rule decide that it is not necessary to express a number of reasons. Reflection employment useful but it is good to know when to stop. You have this difficulty which leads eventually to the blocking of the senses you you analyze them instead simply to survive.

You impostor syndrome

This is not a coquetry and false modesty. You just do often think that your achievements are not worth anything at all. You think it takes someone else’s place, and the other could have done with your work much better. You think that around full of people much smarter than you. That is, sometimes you really consider yourself an impostor a man who deceives all and succeeded completely undeserved. This is a tricky trap of thinking and caught it just really talented gifted and intelligent people.

You’re a pessimist

Your tendency to analyze everything plays a cruel joke with you, and in this case you peculiar pessimism and optimistic do you think just the result of ignorance. The best Only fools believe but smart people give themselves the trouble to think about the future and calculate all the risks something like you think. The problem is that the habit of continually prepare Plan B in case of a local apocalypse leads to that you begin to expect the worst ever.

You do not get support

We have already talked about the fact that many consider you arrogant because of course in no hurry to support you in difficult situations. Fortunately so consider not all but on the support of those around you still can not count. Why do you support with such a mind? You’re the best, and all you know of course she will deal with all the problems so think about those to whom you turn for help. People simply do not believe that you such a rare clever can not be a resource for problem solving this time. A two some earnest thought they can not give you advice. And in general it is better not to disgrace you probably already guessed myself before they can tell you.

You no one understands

And if you’re still actively ask for support something to help you all the same, no one can. In very many people at all a serious problem with an expression of sympathy sometimes you just want to stay close and metaphorically take a person to handle but that few understand. Support is considered to be an effective board but only advice which can give you sounds like a mouse become hedgehogs. You offer to be easier and not to bother. Stop thinking. Nobody knows that the council just stop thinking about it sounds to you as just become five centimeters shorter. Perfectly!

And you know a few

That is correct to say that you take a few because people’s actions and motives of most of these actions you are reading like a book. But it can not accept. You annoying way of many to step 100 again on the same rake. You annoying reluctance of many people to think at least one step ahead and calculate the consequences of their actions. And of course you can not bear to take someone else’s stupidity. She immediately takes you out of balance. Well, how can you ?!

You’re hard to build relationships with men

Because you are perceptive and see them through. Theoretically it would be to ease your life but in reality only complicated you’re ready to be seen as partners exclusively intelligent men and they have the same heap of problems as you have plus an additional purely gender troubles. In the end, you either get bored with the man or your relationship turn into a battle of wits and plus there is only one you always have someone to practice on.

On the other hand when you still find their man you goes to the best man in the world not only smart but also a kind gentle and caring. Because ( see previous paragraphs) it you are looking for all the things what you lack support and understanding. The truth is you all are jealous again. Even more than before.

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