10 cool Korean cosmetics tools

10 cool Korean cosmetics tools

About Korean cosmetics, many of us have heard , but it is usually we associate it with’s Skin means: cream of snail , gels of aloe , patches for eyes with gold sequins and other pleasures But South Korea with no less zeal stormed the market of decorative cosmetics: many shadows , mascara and creams are 2 times cheaper than European counterparts , but the quality does not concede! Let’s see , what Korean food should update your makeup in the first place.

Not only Lancome, and Givenchy have fashion this season tonal resources in the form of ” cushion” – compact sponge with a sponge , which is easy to distribute the cream on the skin surface. A similar product from the Korean brand Missha costs twice cheaper , but the quality we have no complaints: it is light cream , well overcomes the disadvantages and even moisturizing the skin. We recommend!

This mascara has already become a legend decorative Korean cosmetics . Presented in 5 cases , and yes , it works wonders: lengthens , curls , nourishes eyelashes and not showered in the evening. Especially recommended volume Pang Pang in the yellow tube , the lashes will quite simply huge! And all this fun , by the way , for relatively little money.

Just for spring – bright three-color shade from Holika Holika saturated with pigment and the ability to achieve really brilliant shades on the eyelids. Yes , the main advantage of these shadows – colors , which can be found except in expensive professional brands. True , it is strongly suggested to apply them to the base: will stay much longer.

Excellent multifunction paletka for eye makeup and lip. It is available in two versions – with warm colors and , accordingly , cold. All shade – with a slight sheen , which the Koreans just love , but the lipstick – quieter. Two of them are dull ( they can also be used as a blush), and one – the most lip gloss , than lipstick. Reticulation is good in quality , and for its versatility: it can replace one, several cosmetic products.

BB Cream Herbal Fresh Moist from Manyo Factory

Korean manufacturers have taken care of those , who do not like dense tonal framework. Asian women more prone to skin pigmentation , than in European women , so this product is for us still relevant – light moisturizing BB-cream from Manyo Factory. Really worth a try: the skin is very delicate , it means giving a nice healthy color and hides minor flaws.

Reticulation shadows Signature Velvet Art Shadow from Missha

Option for true byutigolikov , paletka Signature Velvet Art Shadow – these are real Asian shadows , absolutely in the Korean style. What are their distinguishing feature? Of course , brilliance , luster and shine again! They shine so , that does not find a counterpart among European manufacturers. Gloss turns humid , perfect for evening makeup. So be sure to try the cosmetics from Korea !

Blush Tinto Oops Tint Cheek Cushion from Berrisom

This is an absolute delight – comfortable blush in an unusual format. It looks as if a tube of cream , but it is necessary to open the cover – there are fluffy applicator , which these liquid blush easily applied to the cheekbones. They are translucent , with a delicate pink shade ( you can also choose a peach), completely dry skin and , unlike powdery blush , can boast of resistance; in short , it is an absolute must have.

Brightening Toner Dairy Milk Brightening Toner from SecretKey

Another product , which is unique in the European market, – milk toner , which lightens the skin and gives it a natural glow. This means from the Secret Key, we recommend that you use as a primer: Apply it as a base for make-up. He , by the way , just moisturizes and helps your skin look rested even late at night.

Mascara Eyebrow Color My Brows by Etude House

And to create the perfect eyebrows – fixing gel mascara from the House is the Korean brand Etude , presented in five colors from blonde to brunette. But most importantly , that the ink is resistant to moisture: your eyebrows will not be affected , even if you get under the shower. It is removed only with warm water and remuverom , just rolled lumps.

Mascara The Style 4D Mascara from Missha

This mascara – a very good acquisition budget. The product from Missha is already a mass of fans in Russia , because it gives you an impressive amount of ink and contains a part of vegetable wax , which not only ensures ease of application , but also nourishes the lashes. The most important thing – the mascara does not make lumps and looks natural , suitable for any everyday makeup.

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