10 female qualities which holds the world

10 female qualities which holds the world

It makes no sense to try to imagine a world without women it is clear that it will end very quickly. But the question is if only because without us can not be the birth of the new people? Is not a fact. The threat of extinction a good reason to allow finally cloning. But if someone wants to live in peace devoid of true feminine qualities? Hardly. Because to them, and he keeps.

10 female qualities which holds the world


It seems to us that there is nothing surprising in the fact that women are spared of all accidents sick children lonely old people and abandoned animals. This is because we do not think about the fact that men usually do not. But what really surprising it is the fact that women feel sorry for men. Without this self pity on average, men would not have died for 10 15 years earlier than women and in all 25. Imagine a world where men who have already started to kill themselves remain without women no feeding no courting, and not trying to cure dependent therefore, alcoholics and drug addicts disappear instantly. Nobody cares about the “brave boys” flew into a pole on a motorcycle and injured crawl itself somehow. Nobody does not contain the unemployed ” to find himself”. No one of course does not devote his life to the genius, if you’re so smart myself cereal cook. Not enough life and work and self service? Your problems. Lie down and die who cares?


A typical day of a young mother looks the same regardless of whether in any circumstances, this is the mother lives, and in addition to what the baby care. In any case, it should repeat the same action hundreds of times a day, to feed to undercut to take the hand. The child gets older action becomes greater but one thing remains unchanged they still need to be repeated 100 times a day. Everyday. And if you deprive the world of a female patient no cloning does not help the little people are not able to survive if there is no person who is willing to endlessly protect them from all dangers little people can not develop normally if there is no person who is willing million times to show them how to hold a spoon for instance.


Women are able to adapt to all situations in that case if the change in the situation is impossible. This woman never uses the flexibility only for his own benefit even if it is not set up their own family she has relatives and friends and men are certainly among them. Men who survive at the expense of women. Simply because the woman quickly adjusted to the changed world.


If a man is ill he lies down on the couch to die. If a woman falls ill she goes to the doctor and hands over analyzes. Early in the morning. Immediately after how to feed the children breakfast and went to school or daycare and before like go to work. Perhaps then nothing else to explain.


No lyrics solid physiology the sense of touch the first feeling which develops in the embryo and the only feeling which is the body of the newborn is able to correctly perceive. All mammals caressing newborn pups all mammals then caress each other to express feelings. People the same animals and despite the fact that verbal communication we have well developed we all need and tactile communication. The more we embrace so we feel more secure. But this is in fact not all the more we embrace the stronger our immune system the better the nervous and endocrine systems.


Empathy the ability to empathize conscious emotional state of another person. Any state. For several reasons, empathy is better developed in women and without it the quality of women’s humanity would not have survived until today. Because any action which we commit against another person gives birth to his emotion. What would be if no one empathized misfortunes of others other people’s fear the pain of others? It is obvious no one would have survived. There is an opinion that women are almost no serial killers just because that they are more empathetic empathy feelings hypothetical victim simply does not allow us to commit the irreparable.


It may seem that the romance does not bear any practical use but it is not so. The fact is that the concept of ” romance” is teeming with stereotypes rose petals kissing at sunset breakfast in bed that’s all. In fact, a romantic relationship in the first place implies a bright blatant expression of tenderness and warmth. The world devoid of romance a world which in fact there is no love. Relationship it’s just living together sex it’s just mechanical movements. It is doubtful that is willing to exchange the existing world order for something like that.


We’ve talked about empathy which is characterized by an absolute majority of the world’s population but women more. Men however is also not without it. The problem is that it is more difficult to express emotions but have been driven deep into the experience lead to serious problems including death due to early heart attacks. And then the women’s emotions? Besides that if a woman does not hide his feelings a man a nearby is included in this wave and ceases to restrain their emotions. Roughly speaking occasionally rolling his dear scandals is useful. Not only for you but for him. Because men are very few opportunities to let off steam without killing anyone. But as the duel took place all that it is it is included in our emotional background and thus to empty and restore your own.


It is not only and not so much about religion especially because women were the highest religious ranks only in pagan times the monotheistic religions as not admit women into the ranks of the higher clergy. But it is in fact not only in their faith in God and in faith itself. Despite the fact that a woman’s way of thinking is not inferior to the male in terms of rationality we can truly believe in a miracle. No matter what we reinforce this belief it is important that we can become a support for the family in difficult times. Is drawn from the vessel of faith female can be infinite, simply because it is truly abysmal.

Maternal instinct

The instinct without which, in principle, it would be impossible the existence of mankind. And this in fact all is said. But you can add something this instinct, together with all the above qualities allows us to do something that is not available to all animals even though the instinct of reproduction is present in all species of living things on earth. We are unlike most of its neighbors on the planet are ready to become a mother, not only to the child whose birth alone but also the fact which we need. That’s why people so fragile are defenseless in essence create managed to survive. Just because.

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