10 Tips to be confident and not look ridiculous

10 Tips to be confident and not look ridiculous

We all know that self esteem should be adequate. But each of us, it is then inflated the low. And if the low is more or less clear that high self esteem a very mysterious thing. March Ketra has understood what are its pros and cons.

How to be confident

Read sometimes that high self esteem does not happen there are understated and adequate. Interestingly almost all born in the USSR, and in the post Soviet space consider themselves to be underestimated. I’m not sure of myself I do not have the nerve and the pressure feel like a ugly they say and because so many mediocre and terrible aunts around who have achieved success without any reason. People may ask everyone poor Cinderella who is afraid to raise his eyes. But who then all these Machekhin daughter incompetent girls obviously occupying someone else’s place smug and stupid experts around provocatively dressed ladies whose older Teles covered with teenage dresses. I for example is also wildly confident … Oh and who is hung panda selfie with circles under his eyes and glad? This is me a woman dissatisfied with their own appearance.

At one extreme, the girls who arrange the tragedy because of each pimple and the hypothetical excess kilograms. On the other the girls walking weekday afternoon in an Indian costume: war paint feathers loincloth instead of a skirt.

On the one hand a girl full of creative ideas but who are afraid to do anything. On the other masters proudly carry in needlework communities ugly fruits of their labors.

Women forty old women who feel that they and those which smugly show otfotoshoplennye portraits the truth is I do not give my thirty nine and ninety kilos?

Surprisingly all that it is often the same people.

It looks like here’s the same story that of vision. Since childhood, I was short sighted and very jealous of all who sees normal. Once I learned that with age develops farsightedness and terribly happy perhaps compensate. Alas I was told usually remains, and then and more. I do not know how to explain the optics but now my right eye is still turning in the fog all what is more two meters but the Left refuses to consider lying under his nose.

Probably the thing is that without the special eye correction will not be healthy and self esteem adequate. Arrow simply will swing in the opposite direction, and tipped the scales just as well.

It begins in childhood. My mother says the girl: You have horrible hair you slouch look at you! And then pulls out to the guests so she read the poems and danced and boasts its photographs which have recently criticized. You’re impossible stupid! And at the same time criticized for the Quartet because the daughter has to be the best. Even then, we have breaks to pieces I am the worst settles deep inside and outside broadcast unjustified self assurance.

For those who hurt is too deep it is vital to compare yourself with others but always in their favor. Ladies having fun looking at the photos the aged and fattened classmates terribly proud that the aunt of one of them born with and something they still mistaken for girls. At the same time with forty Angelina Jolie, they themselves do not compare for anything. While there it is possible it is also terribly emaciated. Criticizing their second favorite pastime. How can well to lose weight razozhratsya shot up Botox run themselves dress like a freak or an old woman. To evaluate the neighbors have developed narrow steel frame rules precisely those they were trying to push a child. They fought, fought yes, and broke them and now regularly lose any criticality in relation to itself. And then returning to samoedstvo.

How to stop the swing? To begin to compare stop allow people to any manifestation of individuality and not go mad because of the inconsistencies of each of your high standards.

Then it would be good to resolve it yourself. You can be a non ideal and still be good. A fun dress up your sexual donut primp only to inside was fun but not frightened aggression.

When it comes to work do not be discouraged do not start. Learning can only in practice impossible to memorize the theory and immediately become a perfect master will have to do a lot of school exercises. But do not forget to show your experiences, not only my mother and her friends and professionals. Refer to the authorities opinion correct mistakes alter.

If possible be tolerant. Admitting otherness people have a right to be very different. But most importantly let it myself. Only allowing himself ugliness error imperfection can be really strong beautiful and confident. Relax it’s scary.

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