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10 ways to become super smart

10 ways to become super smart

Talk more
If anyone dares to call you mash count that’s a compliment. American scientists from the Michigan Institute for Social Research is considered that the more a person talks to the people the higher are his intellectual performance and memory.

Eat more
Proper and adequate nutrition is the key to good brain work. Especially “smart” from cranberries blueberries beets cabbage salmon spinach and chocolate. The main thing – do not mix these products together otherwise instead of genius you will earn yourself a banal gastritis or a stomach ulcer.

Take iodine containing drugs
Iodine not only affects the overall health and functioning of the thyroid gland but also increases the so-called natural intelligence revealing the reserves of the brain: improves memory attention efficiency helps to solve new extraordinary tasks and make fewer mistakes.

Get enough sleep
Lack of sleep impoverishes intellect. Keep in mind if for several days to go to bed too late and get up early then you’re no better than to think a man in a state of alcoholic intoxication. But a couple extra hours of sleep on the contrary will give you an extra bonus!

And also solve riddles and solve complex puzzles. The champions of the memorization competitions did not differ in their phenomenal abilities – they remembered dozens of names and thousands of figures only thanks to numerous trainings. Therefore, the brain like muscles must be trained!

Child’s Parent
No not right now! However for the future keep in mind. During pregnancy and after birth in the female body are released hormones which activate the brain structures responsible for memorizing and perception. Still would! Caring for a baby is more difficult than to lead the department of 10 people.

Look at games for erudition
Games such as ” Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” – not as useless as it seems at first glance. For 30-40 minutes a day you get answers for a couple of dozen encyclopedic questions and after a couple of months of regular screenings you have every chance to grow wiser by 30%.

Play with a stronger opponent
At least this rule was taught ” Fundamentals of Chess” in 1883 and it was he who was followed by the main character of the film Guy Ritchie ” Revolver”, thanks to which throughout the entire film, without much effort, he won one chess game after another.

Have Romance
It is perhaps the most enjoyable and easy way to win the title of “Miss Congeniality”. During intercourse, the body produces the hormone oxytocin from which women acquire the ability to think more clearly and deeply. Perhaps it is necessary to work out love on the eve of responsible negotiations?

Bring up a bad character in yourself
People with a bad character for old age are much smarter than their peers scientists concluded. Since this strange relationship can not be explained, they still can not consider this method as a reserve. Who knows suddenly, instead of a clever grumbler, you will become an ordinary old grumbler.

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