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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 27th September 2017 Full Episode Watch Online

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The Importance of EQ for Leaders

The EQ for Leaders has been long-standing. No longer an IQ that comes first, but Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the first challenge. What does it take first for a leader, IQ or EQ? This is why EQ is massively more important to your success.

When leaders have made their trends in the business world, many reveal their secrets: high IQ with a great combination of education. They may not realize or understand that most professionals succeed in their respective fields more because of their EQ – not IQ.

EQ (or Emotional Intelligence) is the increased awareness of the emotions of others, including your own emotions. This vital nature surpasses leaders who try to measure an employee’s mood – It allows leaders to examine the business situation and take the right approach. EQ for Leaders can assess emotions in a situation, positive or negative, and really help you. You will keep employees engaged and allow you to better understand their mindset and behavior.

EQ for Leaders is also a powerful tool to get them to get things done. You can see the positive effect of EQ when working with leaders in large and small companies. The ability of EQ to read the emotional state, reaction, and stress level of employees helps the leader manage the team. Management with a wise and loving strategy and approach is straightforward and with traceable results.

Experience many people, explaining some of the valuable features that leaders possess with high EQ. And some actionable tactics, EQ for Leaders will help generate more robust patterns and concepts.

1. Read the employees’ emotional strengths and weaknesses

The value of having a high IQ has been greatly reduced due to unlimited real time information available on the internet. You can easily get information, opinions and education from technology. However, you can not find the emotional strengths and weaknesses of your employees through a quick Google search. Emotional insight is not something that is easily provided by the internet.

When you become a team manager, the emotional intelligence you have, is very influential on the way you handling the team. How Coaching and Counseling Mentoring or Guiding vary greatly according to the conditions and situation of the team. All are not treated the same, and not dealt with similarly.

Next time you and your team hold an informal or strategic meeting, carefully analyze who interacts and who is silent. Watch carefully, observe their movements and body language. Who takes the initiative and who should be directed?

Yes, some people are naturally better than others, but often employees who are not engage are dissatisfied with their work and they may be in other job searches. This is the importance of EQ for Leaders.

Some employees proactively consider client needs or exceed them and pass the minimum required standards. While other employees only do according to the minimum number, does not show encouragement. Having the ability to identify these activities is necessary by strengthening the leader’s perspective.

Leaders no longer help to train their employees separately, or eventually get rid of employees who secretly disobey.

2. Know your own emotional strengths and weaknesses

Once you understand the Employee’s Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses, then move on to yourself. You can observe the many leaders who interact with their employees in a group meeting. When the meeting is casual and comfortable, sometimes the approach is so aggressive, critical, and intimidating.

The employees can barely speak, and when they do, they just talk about what they think ” what the boss wants to hear .” The Origin of Happy (ABS) in the end. Though the moment of his meeting is relaxed, but the boss is still being aggressive.

As a leader you are in a meeting that aims to learn more about their views and opinions about the company. What happens in the company and what can be benefited from the situation. You can ask them to get around the room, calling names, work in progress. You can also offer them an example of what is being done and an example that is not working.

Liquid conversation between employee and boss is a highly anticipated moment. Maybe some of the business leaders feel uncomfortable, because their position as top management is unnecessary. They feel no need to be CEO, but enough as someone who can provoke conversation, listen and get involved.

Regularly, it is very important for leaders to analyze employee behavior with caution. Business leaders must understand how it is viewed by employees. From this analysis, pay close attention to what you do well and where you need to improve. Your own EQ’s objective assessment will enable you to harness the power of the invisible eye and discover hidden weaknesses. Your strengths and weaknesses are objects for further self-development.

3. Socialization

Self-development as a reliable leader begins with socialization. Your ability to interact with others is critical to your company’s long-term success. No wonder why few introverts run large companies – leaders need to be able to communicate, collaborate, and get out of their emotional comfort zone effectively.

Socialization focuses on relationships and communication with those around you . You need to take take the initiative and do not need to hesitate to do so because of the status. You need to draw attention to the emotional aspect of the constituents. Why? Because you obviously consider their work seriously and want them to feel comfortable.

As a leader, you need to get out of the office and have real, face to face humane conversations with your team. By understanding their passion and involvement in their work, you not only can motivate them but also improve your overall performance.

In order to become a leader, you must utilize Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). With your emotional intelligence – really focused on being very responsive to the situation, employee attitudes, and their approach to interaction. Implementing all three EQ concepts for Leaders at any time, the impact is the perspective of your company that will be looming. It will also lead to increased productivity, strength, and loyalty.

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