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Bhaag Bakul Bhaag 27th September 2017 Full Episode In HD

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Urban Workers are more Resilient

The world of work with numbers reached 131 million people, data 2017 from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) is a separate phenomenon. Each country will have an abundance of worker and most of it comes from the Urban area. The megapolitan cities will be crowded from morning to evening, and quiet at night. The number of Urban workers is very dominant in each city center, and they will move dynamically every day.

This movement is the task for the stakeholders to build adequate facilities and infrastructure. So that urban workers will be able to focus on building their competence in work. Workers desperately need a solid infrastructure to keep their energy and mind from being drained. Power and Mind they should devote to the development of career work .

Many big companies are fighting for the best candidates, even searching from different parts of the country. And not a few college graduates who scramble the job market in the city center. Most of them are urban or from out of town. The city center is the economic center where livelihood is sought.

Perhaps not all entrants are better workers than locals. But it needs to be examined more deeply, The Reason Why Urban Workers are tougher, in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. And no doubt, that is, they are a hard-working class.

1. Urban Workers are Warriors ( Survivors )

The Urban has a lot of sense because it is demanded constantly survive and humans in general will do their best to survive. When people move from village to town (or even other provinces), they have been out of the network. They are out of the realm of ownership and the sphere of influence.

Pre-existing security will be replaced with uncertainty. In this new context, we urbanites are forced to operate with fewer resources. And they must develop a high sense of awareness and awareness, just like any other survivor .

Imagine those who live 2 hours from their office, in a state of the street smoothly. Do they not show the spirit of a tough jaung ..? Where early in the morning they have to be ready so as not to stack the street, and to the office on time.

Likewise every afternoon, they will again fight through the streets to get home soon. It is this endless struggle that trains their souls to be tough and resilient.

2. The Urbans are Very Grateful

Often urban employees get jobs because of referrals from colleagues or their friends. And this makes them grateful people and appreciate the opportunity to work it. You may often hear the urban saying that they make “heads as feet and feet as heads” to endure. Because they want to return the opportunity they received with hard work.

3. The Urban is great for Culture

Urban people always cultivate the will to learn and innovate. They are great at accommodating the local culture. Companies will get how these urban workers are so adaptive.

Your experience, definitely seeing that urban people tend to be collaborative and eager to share their culture with colleagues. Urban also brings aspects of their lives to companies that help all employees exposed to other cultures.

Even with different religious exposures, customs, and tribes will be able to enrich the corporate culture. And this difference offers the opportunity for other employees to increase their understanding of differences.

Mixed people from various backgrounds can also make the company more competitive. Companies can benefit from multiple perspectives and are often credited for seeing things other companies are not paying attention to.

4. Urban is adaptable and flexible

They are the kind of people who are very suitable for start-up companies. Startups should do things faster, better and with fewer resources, which require a special type of worker. This type of urban worker is appropriate.

Urban people are great for startups because they tend to be flexible and versatile based on their life experiences. They are survivors every day, and this becomes their daily work behavior. How to work quickly, accurately, and sparingly.

5. Urban is a risk taker

Moving to another city even different island is in need of a lot of courage, therefore the urban make great employees and also great businessman. In today’s innovation economy, employees must be creative and willing to take risks. Urban learns to fail quickly and recovers faster.

Dare to fail and dare to learn to be the value of an urban worker. They were ready with the first failure, and immediately stood up to try again. This bold value is useful in accelerating the completion of the company’s projects. Where the faster the results obtained (although it fails) it will quickly also recovery .

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