Maral Episode 38 – 10 March 2016 On Urdu1 Tv

Maral Episode 38 – 10 March 2016 On Urdu1 Tv. Bilal and his wife was seeing drawing in Maral Episode 38. Bilal said I have designed this for the descoration of Ali’s room. He was telling her about the things in that drwaing like bed, net and much more. Maral 10 March 2016 – Deniz came in the room and asked I am sorry If I disturbed you. I think it was not a right time. His wife replied no no its ok we are just looking this drawing nothing else. She said I have seen many times maral here before. She also used to look drawing. Adeel asked what do you want to say. She said nothing special. Then Adeel said to her wife that Maral has intrest in him but when he ignored her she went back. Maral Episode 38 – 10 March 2016

Maral Episode 38

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