Pakeeza Episode 6 – 17th March 2016 On Hum Tv

Pakeeza Episode 6 – 17th March 2016 On Hum Tv. Jibran Pakeeza and their daughter were eating meal in Pakeeza Episode 6. Pakeeza was serving meal. Her daughter said she will not eat because she has no hunger. Jibran gave ger a plate of rice and said it is your favorite dish my daughter please have some rice. She said no dad. Then he said okay lets eat a leg piece. She denied again. Pakeeza asked what is the mater. Jibran looked at th plate and shouted at Pakeeza that she has no guts. Never eat in broken plate then why did you not look at the plate. The trows the plate and went in his room. She said called the maid and asked to collect the pieces. Lets Watch Pakeeza Episode 6 – 17th March 2016 Online.

Pakeeza Episode 6

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