Maral Episode 52 – 25 March 2016 On Urdu1 Tv

Maral Episode 52 – 25 March 2016 On Urdu1 Tv. Maral came to office and she noticed that everyone is sad in Maral Episode 52. She asked what happens?. They all said we are not ready for this how we can’t do this. She asked but why?. Then she took a dress from the bin and asked whose dress is this. A girl replied its mine in Maral 25 March 2016. maral asked why do you put it here and why do you cut it. She said it is not nice it is garbage. I do not cut it. Maral asked who told this. They keep quite. She asked again kindly tell me who did this. they told about denies. Maral said listen to me just work for you dreams and I am sure you will be successful. Watch Maral Episode 52 – 25 March 2016 online.

Maral Episode 52

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