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3 Emotional Intelligence That make You Must Master in Self-Development

The development of the current era has been using the approach of various methods of intelligence to achieve success. In the past you often hear the name Intellectual Intelligence or IQ (Intelectual Quotient) then connected with the emergence of EQ or Emotional Quotient and last we have heard also the name Spiritual Quotient. These various models of intelligence are related to one another in your successful journey. IQ is needed for the development of logical exact and other logical mindsets. Then along with the growth of various generations came the name of EQ to build a personal relationship or softskills. And for a professional having a good EQ is fundamentally successful in building a career. High IQ without balanced with EQ will be difficult to move forward as Leader.

Master in Self-Development

Emotional Intelligence is the individual values ​​advanced by many companies today in recruiting the best talents. Values ​​that are closely related to EQ include Integrity Communication Personality Character and so forth. Individual values ​​that directly impact on interpersonal relationships are part of the EQ or Emotional Intelligence. EQ is defined as the ability to control and control feelings and emotions in the corridor against information that aims to guide action or action. EQ or EI is a collection of mental and emotional skills that affect your mind. EQ can be trained in such a way until the end of life and unlike IQ that only grows up to the age of 25 years.

1 – Train Attention or Concentration

Attention to the other person attention to environmental conditions attention to the speech of colleagues is the many forms of your communication with the environment that can improve cognitive and emotional abilities. If you are an impatient type then to train EQ give cobala attention or attention to the other person and do not rush to deny or cut their sentences. In addition to your practice of analytical skills you are also training yourself more patiently more calmly and wisely. And these are all emotional intelligence training. The more often you practice yourself to be the “attention” to others the more mature you master the emotions and automatic Emotional Intelligence increases.

2 – Training Self-Knowledge and Self-Mastery

Frequent reading listening or writing can make you more adept at certain knowledge or skills. The more you are expert in the field of work and knowledge the more you will be able to improve your Emotional Intelligence because you will be more confident. Train sharpness of attention able to mebuat cognitive and emotional perception you higher. By often Train Attention you unknowingly have increased Self-Knowledge by being able to observe your flow of thought and the emotional process that takes place. And finally you are able to see from a third perspective on a condition and situation. This will lead to the deeper you are in Self Knowledge and Self Mastery.

3 – Coaching Social Pro’s Mental Habits

Quality of self like Goodness Compassion can be a mental habit. You can be a person who is always positive towards others. Seeing others happy and happy being a pleasure for you is a pro formally social form. Pro mental social training begins with no worse suspicion does not often gossip about others does not clash in chats about the behavior of people and others. Pro-social mental habits are an important part of developing your Emotional Intelligence.

Many benefits are obtained if you are able to have intellectual intelligence the ability to capture information quickly the ability to read the direction of speech and mastery of knowledge broad. However Emotional Intelligence will enhance your relationship with others and be able to accelerate the acceleration of self-development and career.

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