Maral Episode 69 – 11th April 2016 On Urdu1 Tv

Maral Episode 69 – 11th April 2016 On Urdu1 Tv. Sameer went out for the morning walk in Maral Episode 69. He stopped on a place and recalls the old memories in his mind that how he and Maral to met in past at this place. He sit on a bench there and starts thinking about Maral yeh hai Mohabbatein. By Chance she also came there and looked at Sameer that he is sitting alone. He came to him. Sameer said I was going you can sit here. She replied you also sit with me. Sameer looks at the ring in her hand. He said I am sorry for everything that I did not understand you or never try to do therefore I apologize fpor hurting you. Maral Episode 69 – 11th April 2016 online.

Maral Episode 69. Urdu1 drama Maral 11 April 2016

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