Dillagi Episode 6 latest 16 April 2016 On Ary Digital

Dillagi Episode 6 latest 16 April 2016 On Ary Digital. Anmol was getting marry with Murad in Dillagi Episode 6. Mohid was quite as per agreement in Dil lagi Episode 6. He did not tried to stop her marriage. once night he came in front of house and stays all the night there in her pickup truck. Anmol saw her at night then she went to asleep. When Anmol got up in the morning she remembered about this and looked down from the window. He was there and sleeping in his pickup truck. Anmol starts thinking about him now because she realized that he is not a bad man. Mohid went back home. he was suffering from high fever because he spent all the night outside. Watch Dillagi Episode 6 – 16 April 2016 online

Dil lagi Episode 6

Dil lagi Episode 6

Nagin 16 April 2016

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