Babul Ka Angna Episode 99 – 5 May 2016 On Geo Tv

Babul Ka Angna Episode 99 – 5 May 2016 On Geo Tv. Azaan was suffering from high fever in the new part of Babul Ka Angna Episode 99. Azeem said to maid to take care of Azaan and he is going to call the doctor. She starts talking with Azaan. She said advised him to call her mom loudly. Suddenly Azeem came back and listen all this. He asked what are you teaching him?, are you mad?. She said I am doing that is right. He needs his mom not any doctor. Azeem said just be quite and mind your own business. After sometime doctor came there for his checkup. He also advised Azeem to call his mom because he is missing her and It is the reason of high fever.

Babul Ka Angna Episode 99
Drama Babul Ka Angna 5th May 2016

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