Dil Lagi Episode 9 – 7th May 2016 On Ary Digital

Dil Lagi Episode 9 – 7th May 2016 On Ary Digital. Anmol’s Mom and sister came came to meet her and give her breakfast in Dil Lagi Episode 9. It is a local tradition to give the breakfast to a newly married couple. When sister went to Anmol’s room she said to her that her old lover Murad came back and he is asking about you. We told him that you got married but he wants to meet you. Anmol said I will think about it. Then suddenly she saw at the door that Mohid is listening them so she shouted loudly and said I will meet him. He asked sister to call Murad at home I will tell him that In which circumferences I got married. Lets Watch Next Dil Lagi Episode 9 – 7th May 2016 online.

Dil Lagi Episode 9

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