Besharam Episode 12 – 26th July 2016 Ary Digital Drama

Besharam Episode 12 – 26th July 2016 Ary Digital Drama. Hyder was in hospital. Mishal came to meet him there in Besharam Episode 12. When she tries to open the door she felt that his mom is saying him something. She stops and starts listing carefully. Mom was advising Hyder to leave Mishal. She said that we are facing many problems because of her. You are also in hospital and Mishi is responsible for it Zara yaad kar. When Mishi listen all this she went behind and sit in waiting room. After sometime she came in the room and asked hyder that how is he now. He said I am feeling better now. He asked her about the reason for coming late. She said that your mom said I can not come with them so I stayed at home.

Besharam Episode 12

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