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5 life hacks for businesswomen – Read complete Article

In pursuit of success, we sometimes can not stop: the working day ends and work habits – no. And they exhaust you. Who will tell as the switch off the businesswoman and insert themselves.

Businesswoman who until recently remained in the shadow of her male colleagues in the 21st century became literally the idol of modern youth a symbol of a new era of gender equality. Who is this mysterious modern woman who calls herself businesswoman? Her image frightens and attracts simultaneously: single-minded and successful persistent and strong destroying stereotypes and balancing between career and family. What is hidden inside these super women? What is the secret of their courage to challenge the traditional patriarchal way of Russian society?

5 life hacks for businesswomen

Despite the differences in tastes preferences and talents business women have common distinctive features without which it is impossible to imagine any successful businesswoman – this constant striving for perfectionism in work pedantry and scrupulousness the ability to work in multitasking conditions and the unconventionality of thinking. They understand better than anyone that in order to succeed in our chaotic world should not only carry out their work at the highest level but also be able to maintain a balance between work and personal life. If a man can afford to immerse themselves in the work and go into business with the head the woman of thirty years begins to feel that the need for family comfort and the children goes into the category of priority changing life goals and placing its priorities. In the end, all these changes turn into one big and important question for women: how to combine work and family? As it turned out the answer to this rhetorical question can be found in life – in the practice of businesswomen themselves.

While in the workplace the businesswoman manages and manages at home for her are already quite different social roles: caring hostess loving mother affectionate wife gay friend. Equal combination of all these portraits in one person indicates a balanced psychological state. However, there are cases when the stress and constant stress at work turn into a psychological imbalance the woman continues to suppress loved ones at home. In this situation, the woman confuses the role and can not cope with the high load. For women who do not want to lose themselves in the pursuit of success there are several tips for preserving harmony and balance.

  • Take a walk in the fresh air before returning home after a hard day’s work. A 15-minute walk through the park will calm your nerves set you up for a productive evening and take away the irritation.
  • For complete relaxation, listen to classical music. Scientists have long established the fact of beneficial influence of music with a rhythm of 60 beats per minute for well-being so why not take advantage of this pleasant discovery? For relaxation and mood lifting, works in the Baroque style are perfect – the creations of
  • Vivaldi Bach Corelli will relieve you of headache and neurosis.
  • Take care of yourself the benefit of modern beauty salons offer 1000 and 1 service to restore strength and improve the appearance. If time is still expensive then you can choose the option three in one, when in the complex are several services: for example styling manicure and day makeup. And services to improve the appearance came from the usual salons and now every woman has the opportunity to hire a stylist which professionally selects sets of clothes for all occasions. Closed showrooms and professional teams saved the modern woman from the need to wander around the shops with packages. Can not find the right clothes because of discontent with your figure? No problem Yoga fitness aerobics strength exercises or cardio-disposals relieve not only from gloomy thoughts and complexes but also from excess kilograms and centimeters at the waist. With the help of a highly qualified trainer, you can develop a balanced system of training and nutrition.
  • Start a pet so that every evening you are greeted at home by the devoted eyes of a charming little animal.
  • Contact with animals raises the mood and has a good effect on health due to what is now actively developing such a direction in psychotherapy as animalotherapy.
  • Prepare pastries but do not treat this as a routine – bake something unexpected arrange a small culinary surprise for your relatives. Smells have a surprisingly strong influence on our thoughts and the smell of baking will bring a calming atmosphere of comfort to the house. Before you begin to prepare a dessert tune into creativity because the bread absorbs the emotions of the hostess.

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