5 myths of positive thinking

5 myths of positive thinking

If you go with a hammer in life all the time you will meet the nails. The reality is it is a mirror of our thoughts. When you control your thoughts you control your life. In these and similar installation believes a lot of people. But the happier they are not. Because the whole theory of positive thinking is a fraud which is divided into a number of myths.

positive thinking

Myth 1. Spare itself a sign of weakness

Cruelty poor quality right? But only if it extends to the other. Self pity is indecent a well a rag pull yourself together and not Noah! In fact only a strong man can admit to myself Yes I’m in trouble, and so I feel bad. To get up and go look for the pros need strength which you now do not have enough. Which way out of this situation? Right sorry for myself lie down breath calm down and then look for a solution.

Myth # 2 All your troubles from negative thoughts

Here it is the main pitfall of positive thinking. It is believed that a man his thoughts attracts good or bad. You refused the interview? My fault it was necessary to introduce himself the head of the corporation, and every day to scroll in my head the picture. Ah you dare to doubt the success of his? Thought is material so she realized!

In fact life is made up of thousands of circumstances to which our thoughts have no effect. Trouble can happen at any moment a heel breaks the bus gets stuck in a traffic jam and dashing driver you doused with water from a puddle. But if you will gnaw myself for I could not stop it it will earn a neurosis. Guilt is good there where it is appropriate. And you do not have the gift of clairvoyance to anticipate all ten steps forward. And no one do not.

Myth 3. Take responsibility for your life

Word Captain Obvious you can only take responsibility for the fact that it is able to control. That is, for their actions. You may ask, how so? From childhood you have been taught that if you are being bullied classmates or colleagues do not like to blame only you yourself. No. You decide how to behave. And here is how to react to your behavior always identify other. Independently. It was for them a choice to treat you good or bad. You of course you can try to change it for example to give a bad colleague for a holiday set for her favorite quilling. But if it is firmly tuned to harass you you with that you can not do anything.

Myth 4. Control your feelings

Meet this is your great great great law and still many times great grandmother of the Stone Age. Here she is dressed in skins goes through the forest and collect the berries. Aha! This bitter berry. So it is inedible or even poisonous. And now imagine what would be if your ancestor was not able to feel the bitter taste. It would be poisoned and died right? Then why do you think what you need to get rid of negative feelings and thoughts? As well as taste buds they warn of the danger. You’re too overreacting to just a joke of his men? Do not try to pull yourself together and do not be offended. Look closely at this man what he wants over and over again trying to humiliate you?

Myth 5. No unsolvable problems

More precisely they are insoluble only for you. And the other person trouble your hands in no time divorce and even rejoice that everything is so easily managed. Wait a minute! Another man it’s not you. You should not be ashamed of the fact that someone can get out of the situation in which you firmly stuck. The forces and capabilities are different. In addition fans rebuke you see your problem only from the outside. Let’s see what would they say to change places with you are!

There is such a thing survivor mistake. This is when we know about those who overcome and could but did not know about those less fortunate. But they are much much more. Do not forget that every person who conquered Everest on prostheses tens of thousands of people come from which it did not work. They are better than nothing no. Just one time circumstances were stronger. And positive thinking is not able to replace all of the resources which are necessary in order to deal with the problem.

It’s time to ask the question why through false theory of positive thinking is so popular? Everything is very simple. We want complete control over their lives but we can not accept the fact that it is almost impossible to do. Then come to the aid of magical thinking. We laugh at distant ancestors who danced a ritual dance for a successful hunt but not far from them left. The belief that all will be well if you think positively and to behave in a certain way is very tenacious. But too often it turns trying to keep the whole situation under control and despair due to the fact that you can not do that. Did not work out. Not cope. Not enough positive thoughts. Sama allowed to happen trouble.

No. Do not listen to those who are trying to hang on your guilt sauce positive thinking. They do not want to help you they are asserting themselves at your expense. Under the guise of wise quotes and denying you the right to simple human feelings.

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