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5 Steps to be More Effective in your business

Being busy may be appealing to some people, being considered an “active” or “productive” person. Active is like not being silent, it may be good, but if it is active because it wants to “look” active and pretend to be busy, it will only backfire for your future career development.

5 Steps to be More Effective in your business

Sometimes also with the development of this increasingly sophisticated and rapidly changing technology, you are really preoccupied with various activities and activities. But do you know that many people actually occupy themselves with activities that are not effective and not productive at all. And many of them want to “look” busy so that no one dared to interrupt with his activities. The essence of a busyness always leads to the extent to which you are able to do Time Managementgood and true . The following are effective steps for you to work in order to become a person who does not seem busy but effective and productive .

Do not Say “YES” to all Jobs
Anyone happy if asked for help or help. It means you are a person who is believed to be able to do it. But beware of an opportunistic colleague who only uses your weakness to refuse help. Although your boss asks you, but if the other work dateline is the main one, do not hesitate to proactively reject it. Of course you do it in an assertive way, not passively or aggressively . Any job that you receive without a stranger deeply drains the effectiveness of the work and the success rate of the end result.

Make time for your Friends and Family
Me Time is an important time in your career development processor your personal life. Even if you are very successful with a job, but spend 12 or 15 hours a day just for work, then your quality of life will be more degraded rather than increasingly appreciated. Allocate your time for yourself or your beloved family, and do something with it.

Define Your Work Priority
A priority scale is a common thing a professional does. The number of jobs, depending on the extent to which you are able to manage the time effectively so that the main job first completed than other side jobs. Check your email or gadget only in your free time, morning or evening, or lunch break. Make sure you are disciplined with little things but potentially spend your work time.

Do not Let Others Interrupt You
Focus your mind and energy on one job before moving on to another job focus. Although you are a multitalent, but the focus can only be done on one or two things only. The rest you will only waste energy and thought. When you finish a job with focus, it does not feel the energy and time spent very little to solve it. But if you get used to “reject” co workers, so easily interrupted, then the allocation of time will be longer and the energy will get bigger out, so that ultimately you will be late premier dateline work.

Enough Rest and Periodic
If you lack of sleep it will easily tired and saturated the next day. Make sure you sleep enough every day and rest on the sidelines of work, so that energy back filled when needed for other activities tomorrow morning. Afternoon lunch (lunch hour) use as much as possible for lunch and rest, and avoid any work even small trivial affairs. Your ability to manage break times is crucial for physical and mental development in work.

Looks busy seems cool yes, but will be addict that damage the image and potential ladder of your career. Avoid as soon as possible the pattern of work is not right, and learn how to work effectively but does not seem busy .

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