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5 Things You Should Do When You Switch Career

Basically a person is a person who is never satisfied. This is evidenced by the search for best acknowledgment, a more promising position, or simply a desire to have something. The reasons are also varied, some are more passion for their lives, more promising income, or simply follow the demands of society to his lifestyle.

5 Things You Should Do When You Switch Career

In the world of work, switching career field is not a new thing occupied by the workers. Not infrequently some people become “flea jump” in order to get a better career. For those of you who are also interested in moving better jobs, then there are some good ways you can do. Here’s what you should do when switching careers.

Become a Volunteer
Volunteering seems to be a waste. Because, you will not get better income, even you just get a sweat from the work of volunteers. However, being a volunteer can be viewed as a positive thing for you to pursue a job in a new field.

The reason is easy, that new field usually takes time for someone to learn it. Instead of looking for an experience when you enter, it’s good to be a volunteer related to the field you’re about to enter. One side you can get it right, the other side of it can be in addition to ability when in interview.

Establish a connection
Connection in question is any opportunity that tangible seminar or meet with people who have expertise in the field that you will tekuni. The more connections you make, then you can easily get valuable information. So when you are applying in a position in question, a connection that has been terpel can be a qualified and useful provision to increase your value in the interview.

Get certified
Never feel dear to incur additional expenses for a better career in other areas. For example, there are jobs that require a PKPA certificate (Advocate Profession Skills Education) for Law graduates, to get the certificate is not cheap, but it does not hurt when compared to the work you can get afterwards.

Fixed resume
Companies will not be interested in seeing a resume you make publicly in applying for a specific field that requires your full details of the field in question. Therefore, try to improve your resume by adding expertise to the field so that the company can assess you as a person more.

Prove yourself at the interview
The most important thing when applying for a job is success in an interview. Most people fail because they can not convince the interviewers. Try to be active in conducting the interview. How to look confident and sell yourself as well as possible so that the interviewer thinks you are the most appropriate person for the position.

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