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6 Strategies for Shaping High Work Motivation

High work motivation becomes HOPE and DESIRES of all employees. With the motivation of work then the sense of BOSAN will be resolved. Humans must have a point in their every routine activity. For example because repetitive work is done every day. This if left unchecked will result in someone not matching then trying to STOP from his job for no apparent reason. 6 Strategies to shape this high work motivation are expected to help you keep PRODUCTIVE work.

6 Strategies for Shaping High Work Motivation

You can do some things that can improve MOTIVATION. Some strategy tips to improve work motivation suggested wisebread will be your understanding:

1 – Looking at PURPOSE Work

Back to GOAL You work for what . Is the fulfillment of family life, provide function to the community, or develop POTENTIAL area. The choice becomes your RIGHT and OBLIGATION at the beginning.

If the goal is clear, then it instantly creates a higher MOTIVATION in order to keep the spirit to work. Without a clear goal, your motivation will not be GAMBLANG. Pay attention to your goals and your work and make it the foundation of THINKING and ACTING every day. Undoubtedly you will always appear vigorous in working despite being a daily routine.


Even though it has worked, some people sometimes try to save on COST with the reason still living in boarding house or high cost of living so can not SAVE. This situation can also make you saturated in the work.

In order to overcome it, try to make an APPRESIATION to yourself. You deserve special service by eating well, doing therapy, and all other forms of self esteem. Me Time is one part of self esteem. With your free time you can INTROSPECTION your work, and the impact will unlock insights. Open insight must be a way to grow in work.

3 – Make Something FUN

Routines make a person feel bored and tired. Your task is how to do the routine with passion and cheerfulness. To overcome it you can make these things fun and challenging.

For example, create your own competition with colleagues. Certainly in a POSITIVE context, and there is agreement that this is just a “game”. You can also joke for a moment to eliminate boredom with colleagues while “making” a job as a joke. And many others, just to keep you ENJOY at work.

4 – Remember Your Working Reason

Establishing a high motivation job at all times is a hard job for all employees. INTERNAL and EXTERNAL situations must change at any time. There is a need to set up RITME and IRAMA strategies for everyone to stay motivated.

Almost the same as the number 1 – about the purpose of work, REASONS work is more PHILOSOPHICAL to inspire the spirit of work. Excuses such as not to meet with in laws, IRI with other people or want to live COMFORT is a reason that is too NAIF.

Create stronger reasons for example, be able to work for the FAMILY, or CAREER as self actualization, or LEARN to build your own company someday.

5 – CONTROL What You Can Do

Saturation also comes from the work itself, when it should be done in a team. To fix this, you can start CHOOSING and SEARCHING what you are responsible for and which ones can be delegated.

This will encourage you to keep high motivation in the right way. INSTRUCTIONS AND DELEGATIONS in the job make it easier for you THINK and ACTIVE more effective or strategic. Your work and team will be better controlled and monitored better. Each function has a balanced and comparable role.

6 – Create a “B”

Not all plans can be successfully realized. Even some plans take you at a loss, so saturate do the same job.

Do not stop at a work project plan, when you can run multiple plans. Not all PLANNING runs smoothly, sometimes you need to make changes. This change must also be made PLAN “B” as a backup material. It will give you new hope and maintain your high work motivation.

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