6 Types of Boss and Best Way to Work with Them

6 Types of Boss and Best Way to Work with The To maximize your success, learn the boss type and how best to work with them as your boss. From Type Bos a Visionary to Commander type, and various other boss types. By understanding your manager’s leadership style, you can work better together and create a path to success.

6 Types of Boss and Best Way to Work with Them

By knowing the boss type and how best to work, if your boss is “Visionary,” they will probably dream big things but have problems in their minds. To help the leader type, help them understand their goals and create a clear path to achieve them.

The other boss type is “Coach.” This person likes to motivate and encourage employees to reach their full potential. When working with them, it’s important to be honest, realistic and straightforward.

If you have an “Opener” for a boss, people who like to challenge for their employees and expect the best results, you must be prepared to work very hard and keep your boss informed in your progress.

Boss Type from Coach to Visionary model it’s important for you to understand it to ensure success. Here are 6 Type Bosses and the Best Ways to Work with Them.

1. Visionary

A visionary Boss is able to see far ahead, describing the future to come, potential events that can happen. This boss is able to read the movement of the market, consumers, the economy and others, and has the instinct to predict the events that need to be addressed. However they do not have the skills and abilities to achieve there. How, such as the Tactical or Comprehensive Planning step is a hindrance to this Type of Boss Visioner.

Boss This type requires a solid team, capable of reading Ultimate Goal (Main Purpose) and searching for the Way. A qualified team member is a must in realizing the vision of the Visionary boss. The character of this boss is very Inspirational and Empathic . They will be very close to the team and strongly support the team’s steps in achieving the goal .

Type Boss and How to Work best with a Visionary figure is:

  1. Show your enthusiasm by being directly involved in their vision.
  2. Listen to their ideas carefully, take your notes to write down all the key goals.
  3. Do Brainstorming with your team to achieve goals.

2. Coach

Type Bos Trainer is a very motivational model, often giving challenges to their team members to reach the target of mobilizing all the potential that exists. Conversations and encouraging words will often be heard, and challenging targets become their daily weapons to move people.

The Type Coach boss has a Motivative and Believing character to their team. They are very happy to encourage their members to succeed. Expression of spirit will inspire team members’ performance, and trust in team members will improve the level of individual confidence.

How you can work with this Coach Boss:

  • Be honest with all the problems you are experiencing, open to existing conditions, whether personal or professional family conditions.
  • Set realistic goals, which you make sure are sure to be achievable.
  • Be courageous when you are not successful and learn from the experience.

3. Affiliate

This boss loves to build connections and harmony within the company. They keep the team’s emotional side to stay in sync and stable. The emotional factor in work can be potentially damaging to performance, and this is what the Affiliate Boss is very wary of. The level of job stress becomes their focus, so that every team member can get through it.

The Affiliate boss has a high sense of trust to its members as well as good Empathy . Each team member performs according to their emotional state, and if disturbed, then there will be a higher chance of failure to achieve.

Dealing with the Affiliate Boss needs to be addressed in the following ways:

  • Pay attention to your emotional state at any time. So that the destructive potential will be minimized.
  • Build a very close relationship with your colleagues. A strong relationship certainly facilitates two-way communication that is not related to emotional factors.
  • Provide and Accept existing feedback honestly or with pleasure. It is not easy for someone to accept suggestions or criticism, although it is constructive. That’s why you can get in touch with the Affiliate Boss, always try to keep your feelings by being able to give or take suggestions.

4. Democracy

The democratic type of boss strongly put forward the opinions of each member. They argue that Effective Collaboration and Consensus will provide the best path to success. Each team member must have a unique opinion and is likely to succeed in the team. This type of boss has a high Collaborative and Believe character to his team members. Each member will be facilitated to express their opinions and suggestions. Trust given by the Democratic Boss is able to inspire everyone to speak honestly.

Working with this Boss is a privilege that needs to be also maintained with moral responsibility, namely:

  • Give an honest opinion in every meeting or meeting. Your opinion is the result of right and good thinking, not just wanting to be seen as a proactive person.
  • Listen to your colleagues’ opinions during a discussion or meeting. The Democracy boss greatly respects his team’s opinions, and if you do not care about your colleagues, then you’ve injured the value he instilled.
  • Never commit to decisions that you alone are unclear. Make sure the explanation you expect so that it also helps other members understand and understand.

5. Commander

This type of boss likes to give direct instructions to his team members. The directions are clear and unambiguous, no stale. Sometimes it gives the team members a certain fear but still asks for results that match the rules. Whether you agree or not with their ideas, this type of boss is very dominant against their team. This is the next type of boss and how best to work you need to understand.

The Commander-Boss boss character is Dictatorial and Direct, they will override emotional factors, and only focus on performance and results. Maybe for you who are new to joining a company the process of adapting to the concerned will be quite rigit. For that you need the attitude that you need to master in cooperation with this Commander Boss.

  • Work Hard (Bone Ball) and do what it asks of you. Without a strong reason for bargain you are not recommended to refuse the request or order.
  • You must focus on targeted results, not just completing tasks or jobs but the results are not as expected.
  • Done and Target is the Commander’s boss tagline, which you need to take seriously all the time.
  • Give an alternative problem solving, if you yourself are not sure what to prepare properly. The
  • Commander’s boss does not want their team to come up with a problem, but has to come up with a solution.

6. Pace Setter

This type of boss is a leader having both Demanding and Direct characters . They will have many requests to the team members, because they believe each has advantages and abilities of all the potential that exists. They believe everyone has not done the maximum with his potential, so the boss always determines the challenge to the team and asks for the best results. They do not mind working hard to save sistuasi and conditions.

How you deal with this Pace Setter Boss is not an easy thing and not impossible.

  • Work Hard and Give the best results you can. There is no process that you modify or even manipulate to not give the best.
  • You need to reinforce what you need to achieve to target
  • Provide the latest information regularly, so they have a progress picture of what extent.

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