Five Easy ways to make your day a nice one

Five Easy ways to make your day a nice one

Start From morning
1. Prosypaysya slowly get up at once no need to fall out of bed. A lazy smile helps to tune in the desired fashion a little Reach and pull not only the hands but also feet and then gently one put their feet on the floor and stand up. 2. Showers with radio invented for good reason in the morning under an invigorating shower you need to listen to good music know the weather forecast and it frightened warm water will help in this. 3. Before the mirror mind you that look good well it is well known auditory training, and tell yourself about the plans for the day as well as the fact that the lipstick is to you the passion for 4. Choosing clothes discuss with a plans for the evening to take into account the weather and the best plans it was necessary to dress well to the evening did not have to give up someone’s offer because inconvenient or inappropriate clothing. Yes about the clothes spit on fashion. It is better to dress stylishly and to develop his own style than fall victim to the same face. 5. Eat breakfast delicious and healthy. It sounds complicated in fact is nonsense. Firstly you will know that thing in the morning did not eat anything that reflected badly on the figure and in addition eat foods with anti stress qualities almonds bananas cucumbers avocado asparagus chocolate. Or baby corn flakes with a toy

make your day a nice one

in the afternoon

1. Arrive at work on time it’s very cool. Firstly you are in a hurry on the way if you do not take off at breakneck speed so you can see what is happening around go to a coffee shop in a book or see a poster of theater for the evening. Yes and in general at work you still have time to prepare for the morning meeting and a bit to discuss with colleagues the previous evening.

2. When a lot of work remember the magic way to do so so that the work was not enough. Yes this method is simple start working right now. You will be surprised but it is within an hour will be considerably less. The main thing do not be distracted make a plan and do not spend a lot of time in the following phrase I do not have time or I will never it do not have time, or even I will do better tomorrow.

3. To turn off the brain every half hour. The Matrix Reloaded. Yes your brain has to make up your neurons. To help him in this warm the palm of your hand and gently massage his temples and forehead above the eyes. Breathe deeply and two minutes, do not think about work.

4. Dine on the street preferably with one another and away from the office so the break was a real job.

5. Tell me much good. Oddly enough but it works. The fact that the smile will brighten all long known truth. So say hello loudly with colleagues and say, I love you to people you love.

in the evening

1. The first principle is simple if you want to sleep you should sleep. That is, you have every right to choose when to go to sleep 10 pm or 2 am. There is nothing wrong with that to give up the party leave the guests and feel good. We all have different biorhythms so your early or late the desire to sleep a good reason.

2. Make love. Sometimes this is the best way to relieve tension and restore your energy.

3. Brakes altruistic instincts especially when they do not coincide with your desires. Sometimes you can be selfish and just do not overdo it. He wants to see War of the Worlds? Let him see her in the living room or with friends. It is always possible to negotiate rather than grind out support and reconciliation. All the same, because then you can not not think of such a trifle.

4. Do not force yourself to do cleaning in the evening Mark two weekends cleaning, ironing hours and shopping and all you can do on the Internet.

5. Choose for the evening bars and restaurants where you’re sure or with the right atmosphere for you. Also, with a meal importantly decide in advance do not run through the menu with hungry eyes and choose the right category you want today for example now you want to fish and wine and the next time be sure to try a salad of lobster and cherry cocktail. In the evening after the working day it is important to tune in to the quiet pleasures of getting familiar with no surprises.

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