7 signs which will help you to understand your girlfriend

7 signs which will help you to understand your girlfriend

Your relationship with a friend you seem a little strange? It seems that everything is fine you do not quarrel she had never done anything wrong to you but how you feel that something is wrong? Here are 7 signs which will help you to understand that in actual fact it is not you friend no.

It teaches you to live

On human rights who wished you well of course. You call her a visit to speak out and cry and in return you receive unsolicited advice about how how you should live. And the problem is in fact is not in itself the boards but the fact that after this conversation, you feel a fool and a failure. Even thick to the same.

It is rude to you

Thinly rude like a real network troll “Honey what’s your perfect make-up today It is not visible pimples and under-eye circles, “you think that it does not do it out of malice but just so her nature well, do not know how people say compliments happens. No not there. Blurt out stupid or disgusting can each and without any malice it’s true. Sometimes. Your friend again advise you not to buy boots sewed for those who have long legs? Oh is she accidentally blurted out how how.

It focuses on your slips

Not your attention so that you understand and the attention of the public. Since it will become to invite you to a restaurant for my birthday and scream at the table “Masha no longer pour And that it is the last time to dance on the table” And like it was a joke but you’re still sitting there with red cheeks and dreams fall through earth because everyone looks at you with an expression “Come on Come on that you fulfill us today?” everyone knows that you once got drunk in rags and all laugh about it. Awful.

It feeds your inner demons

By the way about dancing on the table it is because you have drunk it a fortune-teller did not go. It is because I knew you are not able to drink for example. Or maybe you’re prone to depression and depressive states and even be sure in the blackest day she would come and throw you decay and despair and in such numbers that you want to climb into the loop.

It devalues ​​your experiences

” Oh yes, come on do not worry” Her favorite proverb. We all say when there is something insubstantial favorite cup broke for example or a fingernail broke just before a date. But if you podsizhivaet colleague if you are in tatters quarreled with her cute or if your cat discovered the tumor she still says, “Do not worry” And it is not so to comfort you but in order so that you realized that all your problems this is minor compared to the global warming yeah. What do you do differently? The country has a crisis and it is a crying Kotik Fu this be. And you immediately feel guilty and miserable. Encumber here all their suffering ish.

It takes and gives nothing in return

I take it of course everything that you can give her. And to borrow money will and lend her purse on the way out and energize your strength your emotions and your time. And you it will not work no. Phone manicurist she lost feed your cat in your absence she can not because she has a new boyfriend “Sama know dear not to the lions here” And you know yeah you’re a friend And talk it He will not be able with one foot over the threshold. You wanted to tell her something important you have in your life there was something significant and you need a listener? Sorry it has escaped the milk on the stove.

You can not trust her

It substitutes you regularly but it whenever there is a justification. She accidentally blabbed your terrible secret well, that’s jumped into the language itself She just forgot to tell you important information it has at the moment his head was occupied by another. She did not want to discuss with you your dear mother but she could not leave it is impolite You are offended of course but she really is not out of malice it happened It is that of malice. The faster you complete the relationship with her the better.

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