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8 Easy ways to please anyone It works Read Article

8 Easy ways to please anyone It works Read Article

In the web you can find a lot of articles on the theme How to please anyone, but these tips do not work. Just because that there is usually advised to smile more and say what is interesting interlocutor. But how do you know that it is interesting if you just met? You will not have a chance for the second time to make a first impression so you definitely come in handy these tips. They work.

More commonly referred to by the name of the interlocutor

Recall Carnegie who wrote The name of the person the sweetest and most important sound for him in any language. If you do not hear the person’s name do not hesitate to ask again. If it is a phone conversation write down his name to make sure we do not forget. The fact is that when you use any substitutes names even affectionate and respectful the interlocutor suspected that you simply forgot his name. And you can really forget it so it is better to err. If you can not write the name of a new acquaintance, uses a simple mnemonic device you probably already have a friend with the same name and not,if so just name kakuyu nibud celebrity, and all you have to do is to remember it during a call. Harder is the case with the names of rare and foreign but even then you will mnemonics quickly come up with a simple poem even quite delusional in the spirit of Lee Chzhenfan fly to Kazan ‘ and then you are guaranteed to remember the name.

made a mistake

Ironically the easiest way to win over anyone it is a mistake and allow him to correct you. Usually, we do exactly the opposite try in any case to prevent mistake and if you allow then try to pretend that nothing happened. And thus forcing all around pretending that they did not notice anything. At this point, the surrounding feel very uncomfortable they do not want to continue dating.

But if you make a mistake and allow a person to correct you you kill three birds with one stone at once. First he feels more confident because his vanity flattered by this situation; secondly can communicate with you freely; and thirdly he is not afraid to make a mistake in front of you.

Praise the interlocutor in the third person

Sometimes it is awkward to make a direct compliment just because that there is a suitable occasion. In addition it would be desirable that the compliment was not on duty because the banal You look lovely today, very few people to you located. What to do? Make compliments but from a third party.

For example like this Maria Ivanovna Vasily Petrovich told me that you the best doctor in our city. No matter whether it is Vasily Petrovich said and no matter who he even is. The main thing that this character quite likely even fictional Maria Ivanovna frankly flattered. Frankly flatter interlocutor bad sort but it’s not you it’s Vasily Petrovich. But remember how pleasant you lady and not that of Basil’s.

Reflect the position of the interlocutor

But carefully. So to him it did not appear if you mimic it. If your interlocutor is sitting hands folded on the table you also better to put your hands on the table but a little differently. If he props up his head by hand you can correct the hair clean up the strand behind her ear or touch the chin. It works very simply posture reflects our inner state and we are well read the body language just do not give yourself in this report. And if you position the mirror it is a sign do you feel the same way that your new friend. And we were always pleasant to deal with those who are experiencing the same sensations as we do.

Draw wrist

And often reveals their interior. This is a simple solid signal do you feel safe you trust the other party you do not expect from him any harm. It is captivating.


It is clear that people are most interested in their own person. If it seems difficult to sympathize with the person of which you know nothing you should attentively listen to it in fact, we are constantly complaining. In bad weather a road traffic poor health and behavior of others. On drowsiness and lack of coffee after all. Just for this is not to draw attention these are the words spoken into the void the word which occupy the awkward pause. It is supposed that you just agree with them. And you did not just consent and sympathy. Of course it is not necessary to rush to the man with the consolations not the occasion. But to say something in the spirit of How do I know what you mean! You’ve had a hard day he will soon be over hold on can not hurt.

Do so to the interlocutor himself praised

It is elementary but it always works. Everyone loves to show off their achievements and everything what you need to do it’s time to exclaim Wow! It is necessary to have an iron will to a crank, Whatever! What it all about about work about a hobby or losing weight. Most likely the source will answer you with something in the spirit Come on nothing special but thought to myself, Wow yeah I done! Mark it’s done.

Ask a favor

It seems to us that we can arrange for the person itself render him some small service. It works but not always, if you are helping a person in an awkward situation it can avoid further communication simply because that it is unpleasant to think about their shame. But to act as savior is another matter. President Franklin once said He who once made you good more willing to again help you than he whom you helped yourself. This phenomenon is known as the effect of Benjamin Franklin. The man who has the courtesy to another grows in his own eyes and therefore is always ready to continue the dialogue because it reminds him of the fact what it beautiful faultless and general character. The main thing do not abuse this method because of dependent beggars no one likes of course.

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