9 habits that affect the beauty

9 habits that affect the beauty

Almost all women are afraid of growing old. And in vain. ­

9 habits that affect the beauty

cardiologist author of books about the beauty and health who recently published a new
book Is there life after 50 tells how to stay young and attractive at any age.
Some women are lucky to have good genetics. This is 80% of the success of the rest work on yourself.
Then you either lucky or not. In some women wrinkles appear early in 25 years others much later it’s
genetic characteristics which will have to accept. Of course those who have a good inheritance accounts
easier. But on the same genetics too does not go far. If a woman wants to maintain for many years that it
inherent nature should roll up their sleeves and deal with them seriously. This daily work there is no
output. So what is reflected above all female beauty.

positive attitude

Smile even if you feel sad. Do not focus on the years do not think about old age. Live life to the fullest at
any age keep the interest in the proceedings is optimistic about the future love yourself and people. It is
important to feel happy If you radiate happiness happy with everything positive and rejoice with the little
things and the people around you will be happier and more fun. Happiness a contagious thing. Kozma
Prutkov said You want to be happy be happy And I give you the installation Do you want to be young
­ be so For me the ideal woman mother. She was 90 years old it makes charging always cheerful and
optimistic every day. Mom she gerontologists exploring aspects of aging wrote the book How to be a
woman of 100 years Antennas Note.. Once gave this advice mature women on television Never give
up if a man offers you sex. The next time you can not offer. A bold call but I was with my mother never


It would be good as soon as possible to think about whether you are properly live. Keep an eye on their
health and diet care of your body. Be active do not forget about physical activity. Not devote himself
entirely work let yourself relax relax. Try to get rid of bad habits Negatively affect the skin smoking and
sunlight. It is better not to smoke at all and when go outside always use sunscreen.

Physical exercise

For sports there are no restrictions on age it is necessary for all women and 20 years and those over 60.
In sport it is desirable to take at least 45 minutes 5 days a week if you do not have chronic diseases. A train
more than 1.5 hours a day is harmful to health. Ideally training should consist of three parts ½ time ­
fitness aerobic exercise ¼ of power and the second ¼ of stretching. If a woman is flexible plastic with
a flying gait she attracts the attention of men even from the back

hormone therapy

This is one of the methods that women use in the pursuit of youth. It definitely has an effect but can be
dangerous for its consequences such as thrombosis breast and cervical oncology. Therefore it is
necessary to think ten times before you take such a risk carefully examined before treatment trust only
highly qualified doctor. But age still can not be fooled That seems to be watching on TV in some of our
stars and it seems that over the years they have blossomed look even better than 40 years. But if you meet
them in real life without makeup they are unlikely to learn. They correspond to their age believe me.

Beauty injections and plastic surgery

They make women feel more beautiful younger more confident and therefore they have a point. But
important measure the main thing do not overdo it do not lose their individuality. And do not expect
miracles plastic refresh the face at a time but the age­ related changes will be shown again.

Active life

Be interested in what is sure in politics fashion painting theater or novelties in the world of music. Take
yourself to the max and you will not have time to think about that young leaves. In addition the way you
train your memory broadens the mind which in turn helps women stay young longer.


Women artists look younger than those who are engaged in heavy physical labor or sports. Look at the
artists filmmakers poets singers actors musicians they are fed by the energy of creativity excites and
inspires. Never too late to change your lifestyle adding a creative element.


friends with it it is not only smart and charismatic but lit from within the young enthusiasm eyes burning
I admire his wife her sixties and together we are more than forty years. She knows how to enjoy life is
still capable of adventure ready to break spontaneously into the mountains for example What to do to
keep your eyes always lit? Do not be afraid to commit follies. Nice if in 50 years you have a kid playing in
one place it needs to be cultivated. Fall in love State of love invigorates and young
wrote What is beauty and why it deify people? The vessel is in which emptiness or fire shimmering in the
vessel? Better not say If a woman has a fire it will be beautiful and desirable at any age.

proper nutrition

Women of all ages need no longer 1800 calories per day.
Products Killer who have in every kitchen


You should eat a pound of vegetables and half a kilo of fruit per day alternating colors because in
green yellow and red foods contain different vitamins and minerals.

The fish should definitely be in your diet because it contains seafood and omega­3 fats are useful for the
organism. If you do not like sea creatures without fail take fish oil

The fish can eat as much as you want but the meat should be limited. Animal fats are harmful in large
quantities. Red meat beef pork lamb no more than three times a week. Chicken and turkey can be
used more often it is lean healthy meat which a lot of magnesium and zinc.

The diet is necessary to include natural products from whole grains whole ­grain bread and bran wild
rice muesli cereals they are high in fiber which improves intestinal function. It is an essential
component of a healthy diet plenty of fiber in plant foods apples potatoes oranges lemons

Dairy products a source of calcium but it is better to use low ­fat yogurt cottage cheese yogurt.
Antioxidants should also be present in the diet but the fact that they work wonders slowing down the
aging process it is a myth. Scientific evidence of this to date no.

For fun and joy you can afford a piece of dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70% as well as
50 grams of nuts a day their regular consumption rejuvenates and revitalizes the female body.

You need to drink as much as you want. 600 g of liquid this includes soup and wine and coffee and
juice a day is necessary to make up for the loss of water. Drink plenty but do not suffer do not force

Refined sugar and salt white enemies of humanity they are harmful totally their use should be

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