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A scientific way to make the brain better on weekends

Work that stacked for approximately 40 hours a week of course you will spend by draining the brain function optimally. Although you are not the dominant person working behind the desk but still the brain function will be drained in field work though. A marketer should be able to find creative and innovative ideas to be able to sell and vice versa say an analyst moreover will be very heavy burden their brains in work this week. It has been scientifically proven that the brain will consume 80% of the energy intake of nutrients and it shows how crucial the brain functions for your work. And there are scientifically tested ways to make your brain better. The brain is an important asset and you must invest in it. One of the simplest ways to keep your brain functioning is by REST. Overused brain will be exhausted and exhausted so it can inhibit creativity.

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1 – Sleep

Sleep is the most effective break for everyone. Whichever tired of your physical and any tired of your brain by sleeping will provide an opportunity for the regeneration of body cells. Perhaps an entrepreneur will say that sleep is an unproductive activity but it really is not. The Harvard Study explains that lack of sleep can affect memory and mood and cause you to remember important things. So if you want to stay sharp minded then go to sleep.

2 – Increase Protein at Breakfast

Protein gives the body enough amino acids that form neurotransmitters in our brain. According to scientific studies of memory when you do not eat enough good protein the brain can not produce enough neurotransmitters like serotonin which is one of the main chemicals that regulate our mood. If you want to be an effective leader then immediately have breakfast with omelette or walnut pancakes . Protein is your friend to be a pleasant person.

3 – Find Pleasure in Body

After a full week’s work you need to find comfort for the body like gym or bicycle around the city. Why..? because according to scientific studies people with more active physical activity have greater brain volume.

Of course the body work should be fun and comfortable for you. Not only will it be useful for you physically but it can also be to discover new hobbies.

4 – Engage with your Favorite Hobby

There are many ways to refresh the mind such as hobby. Hobbies are a great way to release your brain’s hot steam and certainly lower the pressure (stress). However a particular hobby can provide improved brain function such as completing TTS (Brain Learning Fast) learning Musical Instruments (Brain Making New Network Connection) or even playing Video Games (Improve Cognition).

5 – Bath

Taking a bath is a way to refresh your body especially after you sweat while exercising or after you are tired all day working. But scientific research explains why bathing is good for brain development because of the brain auotpilot activity that occurs when you are in the bathroom. In the bathroom you do something without thinking (mindless) and this is what makes creativity often happen in the bath room.

The brain is a major component of our lives and needs to be carefully maintained. A balanced nutritional consumption will help the brain develop and is followed by other activities on the weekend to make the brain better . The scientific facts about brain development are something you need to look at and do not have to argue with.

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