Abro Episode 13 – 13 March 2016 On Hum Tv

Abro Episode 13 – 13 March 2016 On Hum Tv. Ali and his wife left the function and came back to home in Abro Episode 13. His wife was crying because her mother-in-law is behaving rude with her. She said to him what is my mistake why she did this with me. She always use to behave like maid. Ali said we will not go to the function again tomorrow. She said I did not cooked any thing. They were talking with each other suddenly Ali’s bro came there and said Now I came to know about the reason that for leaving the function. Ali said dear Mom is not doing right with us. He said I know but I will explain her but you have to come to my function because you are my only brother. Lets Watch Abro Episode 13 – 13 March 2016.

Abro Episode 13

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