Age and attitude of Different life – Article By Alina

Age and attitude of Different life – Article By Alina.

Nobody says that when you grow up you will not grow. You’ll be exactly the same as in the past. And if you’re counting on it that you will visit the universal wisdom enlightenment and peace of mind alas you’re wrong.

Age and attitude of Different life

Once, I saw as my oldest friend tore out his gray head of hair. I was twenty and I was like, ‘Ugh Well how can you so … young. Do not meet an old age in dignity and peace. I never will not do I’ll be all so wise and enlightened with ultra short haircut on the gray hair and wrinkles which will make my face only more refined and interesting

I am thirty five now. A couple of years ago I saw at yes gray hair. Well you can guess I immediately took to it. Automatically without thinking. I just knew that he was not supposed to be there

The most amazing thing in all of this this is that no one you does not mean that when you grow up you will not grow. You’ll be exactly the same as in the past. You do not visit the universal wisdom enlightenment and peace. Yes you will have a little more experience in order to know that every drop should rise. Or if he does not call then it could be a million reasons but none of them are not worth it to think about it too long. But in general, you’re also going to want to stupid to think about the strange things Why pregnant dogs during the month and the people on the contrary? Or Why do bidet no plastic rim after sitting on the cold ceramic disgusting? And worry before date or a job interview.

My friend the Thirty Years’ skinny blonde with legs of infinite length living in the resort town by the sea suddenly stopped wearing shorts: it seems that it is a shame even for his age. Recently I was at a party full of tender young beauties and it turned out that all all Are doing some injections Botox hyaluronic acid. I immediately felt like a retarded idiot who is old at the time when there will be walking these young fairies …

Yes by the way about the botox. Once I was twenty five and I was on a date with an adult man a doctor owner of a chain of clinics of plastic surgery. I coyly told him about I do not know how I feel about such operations. Maybe when I’m quite mature then I’ll think about Botox here for example … My companion quickly scanned my forehead and said: Too late. You too late to prick Botox on the bridge already formed wrinkles. You have too active facial expressions That was the last date … But it was the first sign. Slight whiff of the approaching age.

That age when you go to the gym not in order so that you had superpopa and all looking at her dying of desire or envy. And not to hurt you back. Well and the doctor says that, or the movement or diabetes. You lazy pancreas and poorly processed insulin. Sport can help to improve its operation. Thirty five this is the time when you know that all of a sudden start to look different like nature bestowed upon them as well how they behaved the last ten years. Recent beauty spread out and covered with wrinkles and lovers of jogging and climbing suddenly turn light young fairies.

I was lucky in my family was young body cult. In that sense my dad took out for example I have a classmate somewhere at sea yes I have until the end of the university was not released anywhere one and genuinely surprised: I do not understand how these grown men my age can look at you with those eyes You soplyushki quite small as you talk to an adult, And Reaffirming its previous words after divorcing mom dad started dating a very pretty woman of her age. In general I was lucky to see that adults and even quite adult women excellent find new love that bodily adolescence not an end in itself and it is never too late to start over.

I am far from the oppositions young fool wise adult woman. I know a lot of surprisingly interesting intelligent and wise, indeed very young girls. And at least as many adults fools. I rather that even in quite adolescence men seeking a young body and erecting it on a pedestal and supply it under any evolutionary theory it seemed to me strange unpleasant and absolutely not suited to me.

As such they seem to me now. Therefore, the pursuit of foreign young modern woman seems to me more than a desire to reconcile the internal and external. Hey I have translated the gold tattoo eight pairs of pink shoes I dream to dye my hair pink run a marathon dance all night, and paint the walls of the room painted for slates to draw then on it all sorts of small sometimes I’m too lazy to send his son to school and then I write the teacher that he was not feeling well and instead of studying we’d wallow all day in bed or go somewhere for a walk. I do not have anything to do with the serious thirty five women what we presented our mothers And oh my God my great grandmother in the thirty six became a grandmother Ha ha you can imagine this? Many of my thirty six friends are still looking for arguments in order to give birth to her first child

However a great grandmother at the time was considered a rare beauty, and looked very young. According to his relatives she came from a walk with my mom, and laughing telling how often it came to get acquainted in the street different men trying to strike up a conversation with the phrase: What a nice you have a daughter. And great grandmother great pleasure to inform that this is even a granddaughter. In my opinion it also did not feel like an adult.

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