Battle for maximum hydration and skin cleansing

Battle for maximum hydration and skin cleansing

What is Micellar Water? What is it for?

It is an aqueous solution which is responsible for cleaning the skin deeply and drag makeup and dirt . This cosmetic consisting of micelles is applied after the process remove makeup from the skin it should never be used as a substitute for the cleansing milk make up removal wipes or facial cleansing soap.

What is the purpose of Micellar Water?

Its function is not to remove makeup from the face but it helps with overall efficiency to completely remove the dirt accumulated in the skin throughout the day impurities and excess fat.
The micellar water should always be applied with a cotton swab being a product without perfumes or alcohol does not damage or irritate the skin so it is a perfect cosmetic for sensitive skin.

Does the Micellar Water can be replaced by easy tonic?

A common mistake among clients is to associate these two cosmetics. However although both products cool and moisturize the skin it has tonic function as its name suggests skin tone but not clean.
In what order I apply the Micellar Water?
1. Wash your face and remove makeup from the face
2. Apply Micellar water to remove all makeup dirt and excess fat
3. Using thermal water which then explain to soothe the skin strengthen and hydrate cells.
4. Serum
5. Moisturizer

What Micellar Water recommend?

The Micellar Water La Roche Posay because by price (16.00 euros) and quality is the best we tasted. Removes dirt with only one pass and also provides a sense of freshness and immediate hydration. And of course water micellar Bioderma or water Avene Micellar . Are two products that I love both for its price and its quality.

What is Thermal Water?

This cosmetic made with water from underground layers of the Earth is responsible for refresh and decongest the skin soothe irritation and redness of the face and regulate the amount of sebum produced by the skin. In addition it is also an ideal product to disinfect the face and even makeup utensils such as brushes.

What are the benefits of thermal water beauty?

In addition to providing freshness hydration and smoothness to the face it is more cosmetic recommended for people with very sensitive skin and prone to redness and calming the skin and prevents itching and reddening.

Does the Thermal Water serves to set the makeup?

Yes beauty experts sprayed before makeup brushes with thermal water to disinfect them and for the duration of makeup on the face prolonged.

How should we properly use the thermal water?

Thermal spraying water on completely clean after Micellar Water and face before makeup.

What Water Thermal we recommend?

The Thermal Water La Roche Posay and Avene Thermal Spring Water . Of all the products we tested these two are the ones we like the leather finish.

In short what is the main difference between the Micellar Water and Water Thermal?
Micellar Water hydrates and cleanses in depth while the thermal spring water moisturizes and soothes the skin.
I hope you have served this post help! Any doubt … you can leave me a comment or send me an email ?Thank you to all for reading!

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