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Best Way to Find Your Career Path

Whatever your career choice it would be just one thing SUCCESS. The definition of success depends on you and will not be the same as anyone else even if his career is similar or even the same. The best way to find your career path is with HASRAT SPIRIT ITIKAD EXERCISE and LEARNING. You need to address each one of those things.

A career is something that attaches to you and becomes your identity. Regardless of your employment as an Employee becoming an Entrepreneur Contract Worker or Self-Employed Worker. All about a career is ACTUALIZING YOU TO COMPETENCE MOTIVATION WILLING AND NEEDS.

Best Way to Find Your Career Path

Once you have established your career options you need to prepare the strategic steps. You must be sure of the DIRECTIONS AND OBJECTIVES of that career . If you are not sure where to go you should think to make CAREER CHANGE. Or you just want to feel more meaningful useful useful in your career it is an option.

Ideally you will know the true career call early in life and find happiness in the job. But often things do not go smoothly. The results of one survey found that people hope to change careers three times in their lives; and lifelong care is no longer the norm.

Following in the footsteps of your parents can be the choice of many people. Or choosing other professions at random are also commonplace. Many children of a civil servant who wants to return to civil servants like his parents. Or a doctor’s son becomes a doctor singers become singers even artist’s children also become artists again.

Responding to various references looking for the ideal career here is the best way to find your career path from the beginning to be encouraged to build and develop it.


The first step is to find or think of a fun and exciting PROFESSION. Not an IDEAL profession but you are excited to do it. You work according to pleasure or hobby of course is ideal. Suppose a marathon runner who has sprinted since elementary school and continues to be their profession. They enjoy the career profession as marathon runners.

This step is clear that you all want to ENJOY and truly LOVE careers. The biggest omission that you are on the wrong track is if FEAR talks about your own work. Although passion is not the only requirement to feel SATISFIED in a career many people say that this is because desire is what keeps you going through hard times. Is there any kind of work you would be willing to do for free? It does not seem although the results of the work is not always MONEY or bigg boss 11.

2 – Consider the FIELD What makes you GOOD

Maybe you do not feel passionate about your current career. Or you do and like a lot of work and can not decide just one. When this condition arises then it’s time you think about personality and focus on the skills you have. “Do not do what you like but do as you see fit.”

You have a lot of fun and passion in various fields of work. Marketing Operation Analyst Data Mining or otherwise may all be part of your work. But to find your best career ladder choose the most “YOU”. Which profession is closest to your true self. Tailor your HASTRATE INTEREST and TALENT and also combine with your ABILITY EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE.


Currently many test equipment that can help you map yourself and potential. This test is useful tool to ensure occupations or professions that FIT and Prope R . So you work in accordance with the passion and pleasure also in accordance with the skills mastered.

Maybe you used to say do not know what is most liked or most desirable. Career assessment tests in college or high school help a lot to narrow down your choices. Myers-Briggs personality index test is quite open opportunities of your choice. And there are also some other types of assessment tests that can be done.

Trials from Rasmussen College are able to customize your reported ABILITY and INTEREST according to potential work. You can also search for other test runs online. Trials will find a career that fits your motivational focus.

4 – Try TRADE

If you have flexibility in terms of salary an internship can be a great way to test the industry or career type and eventually get a full time job. Internships are primarily reserved if you have no prior experience.

Even if it does not turn into a job or you know it is the wrong career for you it can help build your network – from where you can get career and work advice. Not all apprenticeships are administrative service or clerical. You can also get an internship job that does the real work.

Currently large companies looking for the best talent with internship program. Those who are allegedly potential in the internship program can be offered a permanent job thereafter. Internships become your chance to find your best career ladder.

5 – Look for MENTOR

Learning from the experiences of others will make it easier for you in any profession. Experience is the best teacher. It’s not hard to find a MENTOR who volunteers to help you find the most appropriate career path. Surely they are already in the best position right now.

A mentor can help you take your career to the next level and give you direct insights from the culprit. This helps ensure you are on the right career path. Asking someone to be your mentor is not an easy matter either. You should ask the RIGHT person. Do it the RIGHT way.

If you are in a company and work on a field that you like it is not your fault that you are looking for someone as a mentor. It may be a temporary mentor but EFFECTIVE enough to give you the real information.

6 – Explore a career that is not CONVENTIONAL

You all know that popular careers are available to everyone – doctors lawyers teachers computer engineers police shop owners and others. If you are not enthusiastic about all of those choices know that there are thousands of unusual jobs that you may not have heard of. This profession is hidden may also need extra work to find it.

Mashable has a list of dream jobs that pay quite well such as panda animal observers chocolate inspectors and others. Thought Catalog highlights 10 more unique jobs.

The world of information technology provides many ideas and choices of different types of professions or occupations. Eventually you will find a job that may be unusual NOT CONVENTIONAL but you enjoy it.

As with other examples Authors of Books or Photography and others. This is the kind of work that once strange sounded. Profession as a Marathon Runner who is not tied to any institution can actually provide INCOME from the sponsor and you live it with pleasure.

7 – Ask Others

Another way to find your best career ladder is to ask for other people’s opinions. You must have been in touch with them and have a similar profession. Social media can be your first reference for information.

Similarity of thinking or vision of working with others can give you various creations of new profession types. For example the group of book authors when discussing each other or BRAINSTORMING can think of being a book publisher opening a printing business advertising business and more. Asking your co-workers input can be the best way to find your career path.

8 – Use K + G + N Formulation

The perfect career for you is a combination of HASRAT TALENT INTEREST and VALUE. Most likely according to the formula K + G + N short for POWER + PASS + VALUE consider your strengths and desires and your values.

You do not have to negotiate about how you work because all are not related to others. You must decide how to work in accordance with the Power Surrendered the Passion that makes you enthusiastic and according to the Values ​​you believe in.

9 – Make a Career Plan

Like most things in any field career paths will be profitable if you have GOAL and PLAN for that. Maybe you think you want to be a writer but the next step after that is editing. (Do you really want to do that?) Or maybe you want to switch professions from editors to restaurant owners. (How will you get there?)

Find your best career ladder always starting with a clear and targeted career MAP. You must think STRATEGIC and TACTIC. Your career milestone begins with a good career plan. The program to be done the time to go the resources prepared and the accompanying backup plan all need to be clarified and clarified.

Mapping wherever you go with concrete milestones as if it is your big project. The twists and turns of your career plan need to be described with CARE because not all roads are STRAIGHT and GREED.


Of course all these career plans and ideas never existed in a rock. The stone you step on is a stepping stone. Your career path is running a marathon not a sprint and can turn into a very winding road

Connecting the Dots as Steve Jobs puts it is how you see where your Direction will be. The knit of all your experiences will lead into a decent career ladder. Finding your best career path is endless experience and learning.

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