Blockbusters Movies which will make a splash in 2016

Blockbusters Movies which will make a splash in 2016

Every year Hollywood makes billions of dollars to the audience who go to the cinema. Why movies bring the money? Because every year the film completely different genre whether comedy horror or action movie halls are always full target audience.
Hollywood blockbuster a film that was a huge production budget. And usually exceptions are very rare and mostly the reason this is a bad marketing campaign spent budget pays off in the first week of showing the movie because of the increased attention to the premiere of the new child of Hollywood.

Here is the top 10 blockbusters which will be released in 2016.

10. Alice in Wonderland

This is the sequel film Alice in Wonderland and the screen adaptation of the works of Lewis Carroll. Starring Mia Wasikowska Johnny Depp Helena Bonham Carter Anne Hathaway and Sacha Baron Cohen. This time the main character will go on a journey through time full of surprises and exciting discoveries in order to save his friend the Mad Hatter. The slogan of the film Spring it’s time to go crazy.


9. Snow White and the Huntsman 2

When Ravenna and her sister the ice queen Freya preparing to conquer the Earth two renegade Eric Hunter and later helped defeat the Snow White Ravenna and his forbidden lover Sarah intend to stop them. When love leaves the heart of beautiful maidens becomes ice. Even hundreds of kingdoms will not be able to keep the pace of its myriad armies. Only the hunter knows no fear. Through the damn woods he goes to meet his fate.

8. Star Trek Infinite

Events of the new Star Trek developed 2 years after the beginning of the five year mission. Enterprise starship crew led by Captain James T. Kirk were attacked by the powerful and dangerous wave of unknown aliens that are destroying the ship leaving them without anything on a new uncharted planet where they are in conflict with the new ruthless enemy. And yes Leonard Nimoy is no longer with us but that does not mean that there is no Spock

Star Trek Infinite

7. Angry Birds in the movies

Angry Birds in the movie continues the glorious tradition of making films on popular games The film tells how the famous confrontation began birds and pigs the characters of the popular computer game and reveal some of the secrets of your favorite heroes.

Red red bird the protagonist of the cartoon. From early childhood he had a serious problem with anger. Therefore the court sentenced him to anger management lessons predpodovaemym Matilda. When once sailed to the island of pigs and having stayed there for a short time and stole all the remaining eggs on the island Evil Birds team begins the famous confrontation between birds and pigs.

Angry Birds in the movies

6. Warcraft

A real gift to gamers not a movie For centuries the impregnable walls of Stormwind and magic protect people from any adversity. But ancient evil vanquished and forgotten thousands of years ago has awakened. In the heart of the kingdom opened the Dark Portal and race unseen creatures invaded the lands of Azeroth. Thus began the event designed to change the fate of the world forever.


Colin Farrell was considered for a role in Warcraft. He even met with the director of the project and read the script. Ultimately however the role went to Dominic Cooper.

5. Independence Day Rebirth

The events take place 20 years after the first film. On Earth fully recovered after the attack in 1996 a new generation that mastered the alien technology. Using alien technology the world’s inhabitants have created a special program to protect the planet. But nothing can save us from a new more devastating and large scale alien invasion only a few daring heroes who only can prevent the destruction of the world. The inhabitants of the earth will have to forget about borders and differences in mentality to fight back.

Independence Day Rebirth

4. Inferno

The local doctor Sienna Brooks Robert tries to help not only to restore the memories but also to stop the mysterious intruders who intend to spread the deadly virus.


3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 The New Generation

It all began in 1973 when a maniac with a chainsaw terrorized the whole world. For many years he was silent And now he saw howled again

Now in the forest wilds of strangers waiting for little family of maniacs and psychopaths they are not relatives but make up a clan united by a common passion for destruction pain and death.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 The New Generation

2. Tarzan. Legend

Another anticipated sequel of the year. John Clayton III is known to the world as the famous ape man Tarzan. Years later after he has adapted to the society of London Queen Victoria invited him to figure out what’s going on in the Congo. Tarzan is combined with the former mercenary named George Washington Williams to save the Congo from the cruel warlord controlling the largest diamond mine.

Tarzan. Legend

1. Ben Hur

This year we will see a remake of the famous 1959 film. This is the story of Ben Hur a Jewish descendant of a noble family who was betrayed by his best friend Roman. After spending many years in slavery in the Roman galleys Ben Hur finally gets the opportunity to return home and take revenge on the offender. Interestingly the director of the film Timur Bekmambetov.

Ben Hur

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