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Common Mistakes in Your Career Life

In the course of one’s career of course many things will be passed. Likes grief or up and down performance will often occur. You as a professional will surely ignore the little things that would not have a major impact in career performance but do not be unaware of the small things that may be the trigger and without realizing the mistakes that often occur in the life of your career . Anything that may happen often though small but can be a problem in the future?.

Common Mistakes in Your Career Life

1 – Assume you know everything

Nothing wrong with your work experience and enthusiasm to share will often position itself as a figure who understands. It is not wrong if you have experienced or have done it yourself. But in a discussion session or brainstorming or even in a forum meeting you do not have to immediately declare that you know everything. Quite the contrary if you understand something it would be wise if you listen more input and suggestions of others before expressing your experience. The danger is precisely if you assume know everything so your professional approach is more to opinion or assumptions not factual.

2 – Forgetting Network or Friendship

Friendship is crucial in career development. Although you are not close friends but with the many relationships you have will open a work insight and a more flexible mindset. Your work ideas and creativity will increase as you get along with new people. Never forget the importance of this network or professional relations. They will be a way of enlightenment in the future even though it does not seem the result now.

3 – Not Preparing Before the Meeting

Who likes meeting? Surely more people are happy to play with their laptops or gadgets than forum meetings. Meeting becomes the foundation of internal consolidation of the company as a forum for information sharing and team coordination foundation. The meeting is not made to make you happy with the material presented but more as an opportunity you know each other and deepen the minds of other teams. Never ignore the meeting so you do not do the preparation before. Not preparing well before the meeting and especially if you as a presenter is a fatal mistake for your career.

4 – Late in the Meeting

Comparable to good meeting preparation you need to be present on time in the meeting and if necessary you attend before the meeting begins. Meeting is expected to run short solid effective and efficient. Discussed are the priority points that need to be discussed with the whole team. If you become a listener in a meeting it is unethical that you are late to attend. In addition to the attention of people you will become clumsy and nervous if the forum meeting is discussing matters related to you.

5 – Ignoring the Importance of Business Cards

Do not ignore your Name Card. Not many people feel important with business cards because they may already know one another. Although the internet mailing lists BBM WA and others are rampant but if you meet a partner or colleague it would be nice to prepare a business card. Business Cards are important in the development of sustainable relationships. If you are currently sharing a business card with the title of a staff position it may be that in the next few years you will be various business cards with title of a manager position . Your colleagues will see a progress in your professional career life. And this is quite important for the development of his career in the future.

Many small things often happen in your professional career life and may often be a recurring mistake. This error needs to be eliminated as soon as possible because it is not difficult to change it.

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