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Corporate Strategy to face Digital Transformation

Microsoft is well known for its technological products. Various technological devices are also present with the Microsoft. And the change of the digital world today is very aggressive, especially with the penetration of the internet that is increasingly far to the corners of the country. Given the vitality of technology with digitalisasinya then a company needs to consider with the very importance of a strategy to face this Digital Transformation . So that the business world changes related to digital technology will be efficient for the growth of the company.

Naamkaran 1 January 2018

Technology has connected the world only in one container, without any time lag without distance interval. The world community is fast moving, fast growing and making a much bigger impact on the environment. The world of business will not escape with the increasingly business digitalization. How sad to see how Nokia has finally shut down their business, simply because it is not ready for such a rapid change.

Ishqbaaz 1 January 2018

Viewed from the perspective of technology that is staying digadang-Microsoft, here is a form of Digital Transformation that needs to be addressed in Management Strategy Company to welcome the changing world.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 January 2018

Engage Your Customers
The technology world changed the mindset of consumer spending, which was still conventional to digital or online. 80% of fashion products are sought through the online world. With the existence of technological devices that are only in the grip, then the business will dive in the digital market to reap the market. Companies that are able to see the potential of online consumers will make their business grow, or at least can survive stable. Consumers with their preoccupations will choose to find practical and efficient ways to meet their needs.

Empower Your Employees
As the digital consumer grows stronger, in line with that you as the leader of the company must also prepare the employees for the Digital Handling Customer in the best way too. Prepare employees with training on the latest technology that will support their digital business. Prepare your company’s management also plunging in the digital market.
Dil Sambhal Ja Zara 1 January 2018

Optimize Your Operations
Consumers and Employees who are already technology literate will be more productive if supported by the existence of an effective business process to follow the business digitization. In the past consumers will come to your office, dealing with customer services, and wait for a response or an answer from the company. With the digital technology, consumers can find out their needs by simply accessing the company’s portal, or directly chit chat via Chat Online facility with customer services. Operational Excellence is a platform in customer service, so they will be loyal to your product.

Transform Your Products
What consumers are looking for is a product that can meet their needs. Every time and every time, which products make them comfortable is the ultimate choice. Prices can be ruled out if the value (value) of the product is able to turn what they are looking for. If your company is not trying to transform the product, then little by little consumers can switch to a competitor’s product. There are many examples of companies that suffer when they persist with conventional goods, and do not try to change themselves to follow the business development. Toyota is working with Microsoft to build Intelligent Services platform so that it can design an intuitive, predictive and safe driving way.

Each of us is part of the economy and community. Long-term growth has a direct effect on your ability to create a sustainable buday climate. Change only happens if you and the company ask “What is the difference in our business” and What is our difference “. Digital changes in technology must be addressed as a challenge. The company’s strategy to face Digital Transformation is the digital answer of this century to remain sustain .

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