How to determine the quality of their own fuel?

How to determine the quality of their own fuel?. The quality of gasoline which we pour into the tanks of their favorite cars – a painful subject. This issue was discussed all car owners. And no wonder because the quality of gasoline affects engine performance.

How to determine the quality of their own fuel?

How do we determine – good or bad gasoline? This can be done even after studying it carefully color. Good fuel – white. If there are shades of yellow or blue the substandard petrol.

Often at the gas station petrol diluted with water. To find out if it is diluted you will need to potassium permanganate. Pour gasoline into a glass add potassium permanganate and shake. If manganese crystals dissolve and the liquid becomes pinkish then there is water in the gasoline.

In gasoline can also add additives. To determine this soak a sheet of paper with gasoline dry leaf and inspect it. If the sheet were stains and marks so there is an additive in gasoline.

Impurities resins oils and other unwanted substances to determine is quite simple. It is necessary to drip gasoline on the glass and set on fire. If the burn gasoline white streaks remain on the glass so fuel does not contain impurities. If divorces of yellow orange and brown thus the impurity is.

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