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How to discriminate against women without noticing it.

Discrimination against girls and women is so commonplace that we often do not even notice as we are being discriminated against. We’re just trying to justify himself for this discrimination so if we are guilty of something. Although it is not us.

I know several such cases those what else maybe ten years ago in our country seemed impossible children are a few of my friends were women after divorce with her father. None of the Fathers was not a millionaire or a tycoon and the stories were different in two cases parents sued for life and death and his father won. Not because that my mother was an alcoholic a drug addict or unfit mother. And just because that for example children living in his father’s apartment went to the nearest house kindergarten or school take care of them a loving and beloved grandmother and the work of the pope allowed to spend a lot of time with the child and take him to some distant school sports . In some cases the parents agreed immediately and voluntarily became a mom mom Sunday.

In any case the children are happy well developed like both parents spend with my mother all holidays and weekends are not uncommon and kuda nibud go night in the week every day a lot of talk on the phone my mother paid child support and bringing to the doctors buy clothes and pay any additional happiness.

If so divorced father did then the public would have applauded. And perhaps even I am sorry for the unfortunate which goes well with the ex wife of former child.

But with women it’s different! They terrible mothers unscrupulous cuckoos condemn all from their parents to the closest of friends. About them whispering they must always be justified even in front of strangerswhy their children live with Dad? What is wrong with you? How could you let this happen ?! Even if say Dadfor objective reasonscan provide child care and education is much better than the mother.

In a society so much such discrimination that we often do not even notice it. It seems so natural soprovided by nature that goosebumps. When my son second graders girl teased for crooked teeth I called my mother of the girl and asked her to talk to her daughter. My mother was very apologetic and said that they too will have to wear braces so the girl drew unwanted attention to other people’s shortcomings. Once transliterates girls at school my friend started their classmates tease prostitutes for short skirts and flirty blouses with ruffles and frill the girls began to wear long skirts pants and shirts of men’s style. The friend told me her daughter cried when his parents bought her a new dress is a beautiful year. I was afraid of the opinions of boys and as a result went in jeans and a plaid shirt. To be sure not to prostitute. Parents in the classroom situation terribly outraged but what could they do? Transliterate unable to resist public opinion. And attempts to talk to moms of boys poured into conversations about the benefits of maiden modesty.

When my husband went on a business trip with the kids for a month acquaintances admired the bunch what it incredible hero. It is undoubtedly a hero. But no one called me a hero when I was alone with two children and drove them through the gardens mugs clinics and schools. Well just because that woman is natural. Travel mugs and balancing work children and housekeeping are inscribed in its DNA.

Until now some of my friends are suffering that I want to get a haircut painted make a piercing or tattoo but my husband does not allow. In all seriousness! And it is not clogged housewives without own means of subsistence. This is often the director of large companies brisk and cheerful piar schitsa artist. I try to imagine how would I forbade her husband for example wear a beard or be forced to wear an earring in his ear it will! And my brain instantly explodes. His body his business.

Or I’ve heard a million times talk of women who for a long time can not get pregnant they went through all the possible validation operations and so on and her husband’s sperm was never handed over to the analysis! Although this is the easiest cheapest and most obvious analysis which in all countries with infertility is the first. But nothe husband said that he is doing well and it certainly can not be any problems! And ask directly the wife can not because the male psyche is so tender so sensitive he will not survive such an analysis.

About the same and sterilization I know women who went to tubal ligation because they no longer want children but not muddled on so did the man. Although for men the same operation is much less traumatic and reversible in most cases. And most importantly no danger of topic pregnancy with all the consequences.

But it appears to offer a man such an operation it’s horror the horror and almost castration. No normal man it does not agree. And no normal woman does not propose to her husband like.

The more I think on this subject the less I want to live in the world of real men and real women I want to live in peace normal ordinary nice people. With the advantages disadvantages joys and difficulties. Where children are brought up that who better to succeed. Where he earns who is more like it. Where he cooks and cleans who loves order and if the two do not like then take turns. Where anybody can dress as you like and do not get with no shortcuts. Because what to hell the difference what you are wearing on you if you are at the same time a great cheerful and reliable man? Or woman.

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