Drama Maikay ko De Do Sandes Cast And Crew Information By Geo Tv

Drama Maikay ko De Do Sandes Cast And Crew Information By Geo Tv

 Maikay ko De Do Sandes actors names - Cast
Drama Name Maikay ko De Do Sandes
Tv Channel Geo Tv
Language Urdu
Writer Shumaila Zaidi
Director TehSeen Khan
Cast Sonia Mishal, Asma Abbas, Samina Ahmed, Abdullah, Kashif Mehmood,  Ali Abbas, Ghulam Mohiuddin and other
Description Maikay ko De Do Sandes !

This is the tale of a grown girl Maryam (Sonia Mishal) who lives in The united states with her mother and dad and is not affected by the european community. Her relative Ahmer came over from Pakistan and they both experienced an unexpressed regards and unspoken feelings for each other. However, Maryam kept quite as her dad purpose to get her wedded to another boy outside Maryam’s expectant mothers close relatives in Pakistan. Maryam is in a state of refusal , with complexed attitude she comes to country along with her mother and dad. Maryam’s traditional close relatives begins arrangements of her wedding , everyone is thrilled, her dad seems Maryam should get the best.. Maryam still seems haunted by Ahmer’s remembrances, he is also disrupted over her planning a wedding to someone else.. They both are hesitant to acknowledge really like for each other, Maryam doesn’t want to tarnish her family’s regard and like an obedient little girl she gets wedded to the guy who later changes out to be a selfish man.. Her in-laws make Maryam’s lifestyle unpleasant but she cannot send concept (Sandes) to her mother and dad as her dad gets cardiac arrest returning in The united states.. Will her close relatives ever come to know about her sufferings? Will Ahmer come returning in her lifestyle and their unspoken really like will ever become significant.. Watch this detergent based on close relatives interaction only on GEO.

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