Enjoy using high heels Without any Pain in Feet

Enjoy using high heels Without any Pain in Feet. While doctors do not recommend using them because besides feeling pain in the feet causes problems in the column. Although we will give to know an amazing trick with which’ll eradicate the pain in your feet and high heels so you can use anytime.

Enjoy using high heels Without any Pain in Feet

Trick to reduce the pain of wearing high heels feet

This simple trick is to create more support for the foot. In this way the weight can be distributed better the body will exert less pressure on the big toe and improve the posture of the entire column. There is a nerve between the finger 3 and 4 foot (counting from the thumb) is divided into two just to get to that union. When we hug it into a heel and exert pressure on these fingers causing an opening in them the nerve suffers and begins to produce intense pain throughout the metatarsal.

How do I do it?

To carry out this tip you’ll need a hypoallergenic skin-colored tape. You can use first aid tape or strips them with you cover small wounds.

Then wraps together the bases of said fingers: 3 and 4 counting from the thumb. In setting your fingers together with each step we prevent separate and it hurts the nerve.

Other tricks to reduce foot pain by wearing high heels

  • Try to buy shoes that have soft inner soles .
  • Another option is to buy your own soft pads that help the rest of the foot and cushion the impact of walking.
  • There are some made from silicone specially designed to be placed in the base of the toes and work very well to prevent corns and calluses.
  • Do not use high heels all day every day. Though ames your shoes try to use them on special occasions. Make grocery shopping with them not only tire your feet but your whole body: spine hips knees and shoulder.
  • Remember that wearing heels change your center of gravity and the body takes a different stance.
  • Walk properly . The right way to go is by first placing the heel then the base of the toes and fingers finally helping. This prevents further damage and discomfort in the leg.

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