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Feminism will not work – all girls are snowflakes and boys are clowns

Why is Russia still too far from gender equality? First of all this idea is not very popular with women themselves.

Earlier when I was asked about the attitude to feminism I replied that I can not support this motion worthy because it implies equal rights with men and this I can not go – do not deserve equality of men who else will give them.

Feminism will not work

Actually I was joking. But for some time I stopped because in this joke a fair amount of truth was discovered and I do not like it.

If we take a generation of parents it turns out that pretty contradictory beliefs prevailed in the pretty heads of our moms painted with henna basma or mahogany. The man seemed to be considered the support of the family moral and material and even formally its head. But in practice there was a rather contemptuous attitude towards the peasant: he and the drinker and disorderly sloppy wasteful non-business lascivious helpless and simply not very smart. The woman in common speech Baba, should keep the peasant in check rule with an iron hand take away wages and issue daily allowances for cigarettes and lunch. On the weekends, pour a pile and more no-no. She makes decisions herself makes repairs and at the very best harnesses her dumb-headed male. Drives away other predators wash socks ensures that to her distress to dress for the season takes out dirt and behind it of course feeds. From the list of duties there is a portrait of a dissolute mentally retarded paralytic. It is enough to see films of those times where positive heroes are either infantile or drunk and sometimes both together and always rely on women’s wisdom and strength.

Many of us have grown up with this image before my eyes and even if the family was wonderful the air still hovered a slight contempt: Girls – stars and snowflakes and the boys are – Clowns – as the voice of one pre-Christmas ad in kindergarten. Naturally the pendulum swung to the other side and modern girls often dream of a strong hand: let Him decide everything for me take it by the paw and take it away put it before the fact and even apply light violence. On the Internet, thousands of likes get pseudo-male texts I am responsible for you fool I will not let you hang around at night will see that you dress warmly, and will not let you get stuck into trouble – girls just thrilled by this. But the brutal male still need the girls primarily for to fulfill their desires. I give you a piece of my freedom ( and body), and you pamper me. The contract as a whole is not bad – any contracts are good since they are satisfied with everything, – if both parties did not cheat. But the girl at heart hoping to pick up a man in grasping little hands and steer them in secret and the man quickly forgets paragraphs relating to care but about the restriction of the rights knows hard.

Do you remember the photo project that has enchanted many women? In the photos she is always there from different parts of the world which goes before the man and pulling him along. Pretty is not it? She’s so beautiful and he’s so driven that it can be nicer. But he certainly paid for the trip dream admiring spectators.

Moreover men claiming to be a partnership cause irritation. Before the New Year, I wrote about the expectations of their unmarried friends about what they are looking for girls for marriage. Serious indignation in the readers caused two points.

The first – on the division of costs even if not in half. The very idea that of a woman waiting for a significant contribution to the family budget many do not like scary.

The second reason for displeasure really surprised me. Men like intellectual proximity interaction some kind of joint development I even allowed the expression inspirational relations there. And this seemed unfair. He does not even plan to keep it but does she inspire? Do you enrich his personality? Conversation talk? That is, the girls read again that man will have for a drag. The fact that the relationship of this level will develop and delight, and her the thought arose.

The words partnership and interaction were ignored. According to that apparently the reason that not all women are ready for this. Or take me with my problems or obey or some kind of deceptive combination of it. And to be a couple to have equal rights and responsibilities together to make decisions well, nooooo it’s too complicated. Games in power are much more interesting and understandable.

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