Few cosmetics based on natural ingredients

Few cosmetics based on natural ingredients

As a beauty editor Cosmo.ru , I have tried a lot of cosmetic products. Some products I like more , some less , but in the end I was committed funds , based on natural ingredients. Still close to nature and ecophilosophers – this is very important , if you live in a big city!

The pace of modern life is difficult to avoid stress: stressful work schedule , poor environment , are not always eating right … All these external factors are reflected primarily in the skin in the form of redness , dryness, or tightness. According to research by European scientists , the number of people with the skin , prone to irritations , increases every year. Women with sensitive , like me , the skin need a special , delicate care. Cosmetics , intended for them , should not be composed of any , even the slightest potential irritants.

Having tried a lot of money , I began to use cosmetics Weleda , and in particular , a new series with organic almond oil products. It is worth mentioning , that about properties of almond oil I’ve heard before. Almonds are rich in minerals and vitamins , involved in the synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids and proteins of high biological value. Therefore, almond oil perfectly restores the lipid balance and awakens the natural protective function of the skin , effectively nourishes and gives a sense of the incredible smoothness. In addition , almonds are hypoallergenic , unlike most nuts. By the way , almond is not a nut , as erroneously believed by many: it belongs to the family of pink , to which they belong and other stone fruit trees , for example , peaches.

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A couple of years ago, I just bought the oil in its pure form in the pharmacy , but unfortunately , this option of care is not always convenient.
In the end, all my love to the almond oil and the desire to get a much more comfortable and proven care has led to , I started to use almond line Weleda. Initially, I really liked the texture of the cream for the soul and body milk , then I drew attention to the fact , that all products have a thin body and so natural aroma of marzipan. So I would recommend that the line , who can not tolerate synthetic fragrances and periodically suffer from sensitive skin.
But most importantly – an organic almonds , the foundation of the whole line. Before I trust the brand , of course , I studied the history of the issue.
Organic almond Weleda has the most power and energy , because it grows in the wild. It turns out , that the company specifically almonds grown in the gardens of the family farm in Spain , Alicante. That is, it is actually ” domestic” products! But the most interesting , that the gardens are grown biodynamic way , maintaining biodiversity balance.
About 100 villagers , who grow almonds for Weleda , deliberately abandoned the intensive irrigation of the soil. The fact , that the water in Spain is a valuable resource , moreover – artificial irrigation leading to erosion and reduced fertility. Choosing this approach to work , the producers are paying a high price: a one hectare of cultivated land receive a total of 500 kilograms of almonds – it is very small compared to the traditional way of growing – just a tenth of that volume , which is produced with the aggressive , intensive agriculture in the Californian plantations! But for the company Weleda important is a sensible approach to the planet’s resources. For me , by the way , this is an important argument in favor of cosmetic brand – after all, we all need to be aware of their ekootvetstvennost in everyday life.
Also on the quality of raw materials are directly dependent on the properties and oil saturation , which then becomes the basis for many cosmetic Weleda.
In particularly loved by me for a series of body include:
Delicate cream for the soul , which, thanks to a special plant-based detergents on very gently cleanses sensitive skin , restoring its natural comfort and smoothness. Do not leave any feeling of tightness or dryness after a shower.

  • Delicate body lotion with a light melting texture – it is quickly absorbed and takes care of the body , the skin becomes extremely soft and silky.
  • Delicate hand cream with a light creamy teksturoy- protects the skin from negative environmental influences , creating a special protective layer. For a long time it moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Incidentally neparfyumirovannaya Almond line for the person I too was pleasantly surprised! The packaging is a sign of a reputable German Association DAAB , which provides assistance to allergic and asthmatic. Now certainly I give something in this series to her friends!

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