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Frivolity in life – Pros and cons of your lightheadedness

Frivolity in life – Pros and cons of your lightheadedness

Suddenly break into a hitchhiking trip? Easily! Spend the entire annual premium for one night trip on bars? Easily. To sleep with a stranger? Why not?

Such sudden adventures make the biography more interesting than a template photo album with tanned bodies against the background of the sea landscape. In addition of course nice easy to refer to money earned by their own labor: spenders usually cause greater sympathy for society rather than greedy and skuperdyayki. To part with money on a momentary whim is not freedom from convention and calculation? Most importantly it will have to starve to salaries alone: no social harm but there is a chance to lose weight. In addition, frivolous attitude towards money ends with them. The main household advantage of carelessness is the ability to solve problems as they arrive and not before: a lot of time and energy are released which otherwise would be spent thinking about possible risks.

However, any freedom even one’s own independent existence requires reasonable limitations: from levity to recklessness one step and making it out of habit is simple. The carelessness of nature does not at all guarantee a life without worries and it should be more attentive not only to others their feelings and lives but also to myself. It’s nice to brag about good health and despise anyone who knows the difference between a rheumatologist from the handler. On the other hand behind the frivolous attitude to one’s own health lies the same fear the fear of weakness sickness and death. Frivolity always prefers not to know not to think and not to do and this is the weakness of his arguments.

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