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Frivolity in a relationship – Pros and cons

Frivolity in a relationship – Pros and cons

Such relationships develop on their own without your active participation and heartfelt experiences. You do not try on the wedding dress do not pick names for your future children, and do not learn to sign his name on any tucked-up piece of paper. And this situation does not bother you until the very hour of “X”, when it becomes irreversible and you suddenly find yourself in the salon – discussing in detail the wedding style.

Frivolous relations – this is freedom from commitment a respite from love to love so they are attractive. They just start they exist comfortably until those long long life in the face of the young man does not put the question squarely forcing to take any of these obligations or a hard decision about the separation.

But we are not only clever we are also conscientious clever brought up on the ideas of the famous French pilot about responsibility for those who have tamed. Ease of relationship becomes unbearable when only one side perceives them as such. And not have to be sorry about the relationship as such and not about your attitude toward them but the men for whom it was all serious and real. Who unlike you have already planned your future child in the apartment and now tell friends about that frivolous ladies nice to get acquainted but it is unbearably difficult to live. And comforted the idea that the frivolous woman deceive lightly but a serious – seriously.

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