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Frivolity at work – Pros and cons

Frivolity at work – Pros and cons
Procrastination your middle name: why not sit in social networks during working hours if you still can fully work only when a deadline looms?

advantages of this approach are obvious since they considerably ennoble the sad process of career construction. In fact a frivolous attitude to work – the freedom from congestion a sort of silly smiley fig in the pocket language illustrated rules we can not change. We have a lot of things and who should and therefore feel ourselves entitled to take a breather. In addition the brain not constrained by the fear of making a mistake gives rise to fresh ideas and makes its mistress a genius of improvisation ( quality irreplaceable in creative professions).

Another thing when the return to current affairs is postponed to infinity and frivolous attitude towards work becomes a calling card. The notoriety of the worker who can not be trusted with anything more important than sending a fax comes ahead of the creative qualities and creates a reputation get rid of that easily. Freedom from responsibility requires constant monitoring of the situation in time to recognize that line beyond which frivolity will result in passing the buck to the workaholic colleagues.

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