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How to get rid of the painful memories of the past?

How to get rid of the painful memories of the past?.

Past prevents you live? Unpleasant memories will not let go, and do not give freely to breathe? Who will tell how to get rid of them.

the painful memories

First you need to articulate for themselves what exactly do we want to leave. The wording I want to let go of the past should be to acquire specific and very visible the details.

Letter of happiness

If your negative feelings towards someone very strong write a letter to that person. You can use the computer but notebook and pen fit better. State all what do you think about him and his behavior and as fully describe their feelings. If the letter will be a very long even if you are not confused. And in the expressions can not be embarrassed because sending it you will not because the best notebook computer file or you may be tempted to still send a message to the recipient. Letter writing can be a few days re reading and writing something by adding long yet you do not understand that there is nothing more to say. After that ruled notebook out and burn watching like the Gypsies smoke your evil feelings.

point of no return

Imagine in detail the human figure with whom you want to say goodbye. Carefully consider its and then visualize slowly move away from him. There are many options you can go on foot go by car which is turning the corner. Or leave the man on the platform and go by train looking as it decreases and disappears from your life. Pay attention to the fact that you will feel when the point disappears. If lightness and liberation that everything goes right. This technique helps to say goodbye, and with a group of people and even to some place. For example you want to forget about the former work and those who have shared with you leave the office. Can you imagine peer platform, and the building itself where you worked if it symbolizes unpleasant moments for you.

Higher and higher

Buy a helium filled balloon. Write on it, I let you go … In place of the dot should be written name name, or and this is possible feeling. For example I let you go my anger. Or Goodbye Pete. Then release the ball in the street. If you like magic rituals you can do it at exactly midnight on New Year’s.

Author column

On one page of the notepad write down all the important events meetings achievements feelings victories failures and problems of this period. Other pages divided in half, and write on one column is left in the past, and on the other I take into the future. Fill in this tablet. The first column is better to not write the names of people and feelings they cause you not Ivanov and Resentment Ivanov, not Egorov and envy of Egorova. Then if you want cut off the column Past and burn them and wash away the ashes in the sink.

About what and speech

If you have a good friend or a friend they can help just listening to your story. No matter that thou hast done this a thousand times a friend tried to give advice to follow which is not desirable. Let this time, she was just silent and listen and you tell me again from the beginning. About that what happened how you felt then and what you experience today. And of course that how would you like to say goodbye to all that. Let there be no tips no supporting words no answers to your questions just understanding. In the course of the story you may be irritation and even anger at the silent interlocutor. Warned in advance that you can say something offensive though not angry. When you have completed a monologue it becomes easier.

Sorry, goodbye

Take a sheet of paper and write on it all the names who you hurt or disappointed and you still remember this. Writing the name blurts it out loud and remember that that this man did to you. Take another sheet of paper and then write the same names and then bring them out after each phrase too, pronouncing it aloud I forgive you. Listen to your inner feelings someone will forgive someone no but in any case, the list is reduced. Using this technique it is desirable only then when you assume that the majority of these people you do not feel strong anger and truly ready to forgive them sincerely. Therefore it is better to perform this task once you’ve already tried the rest and realized something about himself.

learn to wait

The past is so constructed that it rarely goes away by itself. Inside you going to work with those that you would like to let go of and whilst this work is completed to part with the past will not work. You can hear from friends and myself to say words like enough already suffer, stop living in the past, just forget it all, but these imperative verbs do not help You can not get bruised leg immediately cease to be sick. The reasons that it is difficult to let go of the past may be associated with a very distant events which did not immediately remember. Therefore, Farewell to the last technology may be the first step on the path to upgrades. Even if you are not yet ready to go deeper and to work with the psychologist to start to learn to wait and let you say goodbye to the past when it has done its work.

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