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what happens when fantasies collide with reality

What happens when fantasies collide with reality
We all come up with a past someone cuts out unpleasant episodes someone unrecognizably decorates past events. It’s not a problem. The problem arises when we suddenly begin to desperately yearn for the past which never happened.

The language of those who live in warm seas rich in words denoting different types of melancholy. Perhaps feel a genuine longing on the ship or ashore harder than glyadyuchi the snow six months of the year. And that means and your experience will require a more detailed description than just “Smouri” and “hopelessness”. Probably there it is necessary to search for a name for longing for the past which was not.

This is a complex and rich feeling I’ve ever met in adults of any age in men and women. It concerns how long past and the events of recent months but the truth in it was from five to forty percent if someone loves numbers as well as I do. ( Fifty percent is no longer a lie but a perfectly acceptable half-truth).

There is nothing surprising in the fact to compose itself the past but a special focus longed for him so though beautiful world lay at your feet and you lost everything.

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