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Here’s How to Apply for a Job via eMail

Given the condition of internet growth and its users are very significant and increasingly easy access to information technology, so now many do How to Apply for Work via eMail, than sending a cover letter through courier or mail. In addition to the fast and effective process, received directly by the recruiter, the costs incurred either from the side of job seekers or employers will be cheaper. You as a job seeker can send job applications tens every day and employers can also sort directly in front of the computer screen. This is the uniqueness and advantages of how to apply for work via email.

In general how to apply for work via email is not much different from the conventional way namely:

1 – Creating Application Letter
2 – Showing Personal Background (Education, Experience, Skill)
3 – Attach the related Documents (Identity, Certificate and Work Certificate)

With the same preparation in the conventional way, How to Apply via eMail is much more effective for both parties, Seekers and Employers. However, the procedure of sending a cover letter should be considered, such as Formal Language, Preamble and Closing Orders, Acknowledgments and Systematics of Official Letters. Do not forget you send a letter with the aim of memampangkan Experience and Skills possessed, so that ethics sent eMail must be considered.

Steps Preparation How to Apply for Job via eMail

The first step of preparing the document file, among others:

1 – Job application letter, may be written directly in the body of the email or in the form of Word files, 2 –
2 – Notepad, and others that can be uploaded.
3 – Prepare a Curriculum Vitae ( Curriculum Vitae )
4 – Copy of Certificate, Certificate, Letter of Reference
5 – ID cards, photographs and other letters (as required)

Completeness of the above can be scanned and save the file in softcopy form. This file will be uploaded into the email. Keep the file size is not too large because it makes the upload process becomes longer and feared in decline by the eMail Recipient.

Make sure you have an eMail account

Use your personal eMail address when sending job applications, because when using someone else’s email will certainly show you unprofessional. Make sure you have an email account. You can create one using Gmail and Yahoo Indonesia or others. Email account is similar to your identity, so the manufacture and use must also be done in a professional manner.

The eMail account should show you who you really are, no need to create an account that is different from your name. Use an email account that is identical to your real name, eg your name: Budi Hartanto, then create an eMail account like , or , or . You do not need to modify the eMail account with alias names or Alay confusing to the recipient of a job application letter, for example or or other.

Does Email Have to be Formal?

During your job search and thereafter once you have been accepted to work sending the right email is important to your career. Communication skills are valued across all types of organizations. You need to convey information in a way that will not be misunderstood and it represents your positive image (and your boss) to others. Email ethics remain of particular concern not only when you apply for work but also while working.

In the world of work it is often mentioned that “You are what you write.” This does not apply only when you submit your resume and cover letter to be considered. Every email look is very important. Your email message may be the first thing your potential boss sees. Use formal language in how to apply for work via email.

When Casual Can Cause Concerns

Informal and hasty messages such as can cause your boss to see you as amateur or lazy. If you do not take the time to present your best self in your job application they may mutter to themselves and you force the employer to do the extra work by guessing which job you are applying for they say with teeth clipped then what can we expect realistically from you?

Fortunately it does not take much effort so you can submit a better version of your email. When casual (casual) need to be a separate concern because not all employers will easily understand your way.

Show Specific

You apply for a specific job. For you that’s probably what’s ahead and centering on your mind right now. But the employer may post a number of different positions at once. They may receive a large number of app emails not just yours.

So make it easy for them to sort incoming mail by telling them which job you’re looking for. In the Subject Line itself explain your email destination. Mention the job title or reference number you see in the advertised post. You can write something like Job Application: Risk Manager reference A47kj2w1.

This also applies to the top of the messages that you will enter into the body of this email. You can start with a header that just repeats itself as in re: Job Application: Risk Manager reference A47kj2w1.

Use the Business Formal Language

Regardless of what you type in the body of the email under the header do not start right away by using language casually. At a minimum you try to change the phrase from the email example to the following:

Dear Recruitment,

I am very interested in submitting myself to the Risk Manager position that you advertised on recently. My qualifications and work experience are in accordance with the specifications you need.

Please Please take a moment to review the attached Application Documents:

– Resume (CV) Latest

– Application letter

It will be a sincere pleasure to hear from you soon to discuss this exciting opportunity.


is this enough?

Formal language identify the job you are proposing and state which documents you have attached: is there anything you should do inside your email application?

Some job seekers love to include a tailored application letter and more complete in the email itself. This saves the reader time because it does not have to open a separate attachment into a different program.

Even so it may make sense if you attach a complete and good cover letter along with a resume. This way if the prospective boss wants a copy print they can do it quickly without excessive effort.

You can also try to find out the name and title of the person you are sending to your app. This is not always necessary although at a higher level it can help you stand out from most applicants. Which of course is something you want to do if possible you present with more quality and more enthusiasm.

Sample Letter Apply for Work via eMail

Here are some examples of how to apply for work via email which you can copy and modify according to your profile and company profile. You need to make adjustments so that the contents of this application letter will image you as a candidate figure they are looking for.

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