How to be happy with the power of the will?

How to be happy with the power of the will?

The bad news: the scientists say , that our mind is originally set to negative. If you do not make an effort and try to make him happy , you are waiting for depression and stress. The good news: you can fix it due to the phenomenon of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change its structure depending on , what we see and feel. The fact is , our brain constantly creates neural connections using connections – synapses that when we get a positive experience , demolish the old ties and creating new , habituate us to the feeling of happiness.

Force of habit

American psychologist Rick Hanson , who studies issues of brain plasticity , says , that does not need to think positive , but realistic. It offers not adjust itself to the fact , that good will happen to you , and to celebrate the positive , what has already happened. American psychologist Martin Seligman in his book ” In Search of Happiness” offers an excellent method: every day write down three things , which you have caused an attack of euphoria. For example: “Today, the chief told me , that I was perfectly cope with their responsibilities , I finally made ​​out the cabinet in the evening and bought a chocolate ice cream.” If you will regularly write such pleasant things , get used to it over time, automatically pay attention to them.

Eliminate the negative bias

You , of course , not just hear about , it is not necessary to dwell on the bad. Because of the concentration on the negative, we often do not notice the incident positives ( and they are always!). For example , you boast in front of his girlfriend a new dress. She says , it is very nice and goes to you. And then casually remarks, “If only a little a longer , centimeter by 4”. And you go in cycles. Forget about the nice words and think only about 4 inches of the ill-fated! Rick Hanson says, “Our mind is like a garden , and this is fertile ground for all sorts of weeds. Try to look for the positive side in everything. ” A psychology professor Ed Diener of the University of Illinois suggests edit own story even if the event , which is bothering you , was for a long time , look at it from a different angle. Reinterpreted in the head so , that the memory is no longer smacked of bitterness. And Think , for what happened. Try to imagine , as the lessons learned will help you in the future.

Stretches happiness

Psychologists believe , that the brain needs help to fix a nice moment. For example , when you have made ​​a compliment , try to think about it for at least 10 seconds , keeping cheerful feeling. Because of the short-term memory, he goes into a long-term and will strengthen the neural connections.

produces endorphins

How often have you been pleased , the more the mind gets used to this feeling. Researchers from Kyoto University have found out , it looks like the brain of happy people: with the help of MRI, they came to the conclusion , that the happy life is increased amount of gray matter. But researchers from the University of California found out , that the double or even triple the amount it helps meditation. In other words , self physically makes you happier!

altruism method

Harvard Professor Michael Norton came to the conclusion , that the person is not more interested in
the fact of monetary wealth , and enable them to share. That is, we are more satisfied , when we can bring happiness to someone. This applies to all spheres of life – relationships , work , love. Ctaraysya to do at least one good deed a day: sincere thanks Man , held the door to the cafe , buy a colleague a coffee , write a review on your favorite product.

Avoid comparisons

It has long been established , that people , who have profiles on social networks , much unhappier deprived of their companions accounts. All due to the fact , that we constantly compare their lives with the daily life of a classmate Masha , whose career goes uphill , handsome husband , two children and has a coveted pug ( maine coon , raccoon – underline). But often we do not think , that in the network spread all the best , and the rubbish is left in the hut: long working day and force majeure at the weekend , an argument with a man , the uncontrolled behavior of children and tired of cleaning up after the dog Masha clearly will not show. This does not mean , that to create an account on Facebook is not necessary; just give aware of the fact , that , could , at that moment, someone is sitting and jealous of your ideal life. And you had no idea about it!


When you create new neural chain through impressions , the brain need to strengthen it. And it happens in a dream. Here, scientists have not yet discovered anything new you need to rest for eight hours. The benefits of nuts ( almonds and walnuts), and dark chocolate to improve you’re probably familiar with the cognitive abilities. And here’s another products for a good mood and mind: the pineapple and cheese contain the amino acid tryptophan , which is involved in hormone production fun – endorphins. Carrot , banana and green vegetables uplifting due to its rich vitamin content. And yet , oddly enough , useful sport , especially the dances at Oxford found out , that the rhythmic movement of the body to the music increases the level of endorphins, and even improve memory.

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