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How to become a Leader even if you are not a Boss

Essentially a leader is a man with high office, or indeed structurally assume the highest function in his organization. With the function of the position you will “feel” easier in acting and working. Easily give instructions or say to colleagues, or easily delegate tasks and responsibilities. This is why in the world of work is often terminated a superior is called a leader, though not necessarily also the practice. How do you become a leader when not a boss ?

How to become a Leader even if you are not a Boss

During childhood, in school unknowingly, teachers have educated leadership patterns to every child who is perceived to have that potential. There are children who become chairman of the class, there is also a child who is appointed as chairman of the study group. At this time, you certainly do not see the difficulties that occur, because every child will follow the orders of their trusted friends. It was great when it happened. But what about the current condition, where the world of work is full of creativity, aggressiveness, openness and speech rights argue. How can you become a leader if you are not a manager and above your boss there are other bosses, and so on. The hierarchy of this organization seems to be a steep road that passes heavily.

If you are inspired to be a leader, then start practicing yourself in a different way of doing the work. As quoted from various business practitioners, here is how you can learn to be a leader even though not a boss.

Be a Problem Solver
Often seen if team members do not find a way out of a problem, they will go to their supervisor. They will ask for input and opinion or alternative solutions from the problem. Here is your chance to be a leader, by starting to appear to provide solicitative feedback to your colleagues. It does not mean you are an expert in various fields within the company, but you need to demonstrate the ability and mindset of a Problem Solver.

Learning Differences Helping Colleagues or Encouraging Them
The greatest part of being a leader is to encourage them to become better. You need to help them to grow better. Perhaps helping with how to get things done will be faster and more effective, but you have indirectly kept them from growing.

Respect the Hard Effort of Others
How do you feel you get appreciation from others who are not structurally your boss. Apreasiasi very influential on the psychological mental self. If you want to emerge as a leader, then practice to reward the hard work of others, even if it directly has no effect on you. This confirms to them that you pay attention to what it does.

Learning Thinking in the Big Framework
You sometimes think that success is a finished job. You sometimes do not think the importance of thinking about the effects behind the job. A leader will see success from a different perspective, ie seeing the work is teamwork, not personal. You can practice by reviewing a project for the benefit of the company, considering the role of each person and how they are contributing to the success of a project.

Being a leader can start from your current job. By being a contributor to Problem Solving, being creative in helping your colleagues and thinking broadly with Helicopter View, you have prepared yourself How to be a Leader even though not a Boss .

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