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How to become your best friend to yourself

With relatives we are kind gentle attentive we are always ready to help them. To ourselves, we are much cooler. Here are five phrases which are the rights of her best friend is useful to repeat not only the other but also themselves.

How to become your best friend to yourself

You’re beautiful
Let’s be frank. Instagram of course decorates a person but how many girlfriends can be called real honest beauties? Few The rest are cute pretty nice interesting or just photogenic. But each under any laid selfi certainly gets tykrasavitsu, tysuper and a bunch of emoto-raptures. This is called friendly support. In our mirror we gloomily broadcast the following thought Honey you are not very much today. Bags under the eyes the dress is hanging the hair does not lie I would like to be in my chest in the waistS . To somehow distract go to the Instagram and praise the familiar. She maybe also it would not hurt to lose weight change the wardrobe or camera angle. But pleasant words are for her we have that would be a good idea to reserve for themselves because they need us much more than the faceBotox a popePilates.

You’ll see everything will turn out

Other people’s dreams cause us more enthusiasm than their own. A colleague wants to move to London? Hooray Of course everything will be fine. He will finish his studies find an internship pick up housing open a successful business. She’s also talented. And smart and generally magical. It is necessary to speak about this urgently until it becomes sad frightened of prospects. But what happens when you want to change? Yes, even when you dream away with the hated work to which shuttle to get longer than by plane to London? We include the Oh no and Noah not be able to-at no nai-do-oo-oo I have here some miracle, got a job are sometimes still get paid and busis even stylish there herringbone smells and sing I’m going to live in London. And now we are drawing a sad mug on the back of the resume and resolutely sending it to the shredder. I would not say encouraging You can do it That’s an excellent job just for you and pour yourself an invigorating tea so that the thoughts of the minibus and your own imperfections are lost in him.

Do so as you comfortably
You and your girlfriend agreed to meet and her plans changed. An unexpected project fell at work a man who had been going for a whole year still called for a date. Well, or she’s just tired not in the mood she wants to go homein a rug and sleep. What can I say? It’s okay then somehow you will assure her and calmly go home. And the next time all the way around do you have all hands on deck a runny nose cold not the weather coat and new boots which are tight at every step and in the evening for the final series favorite series You just remembered that. What do you say to yourself? Nothing wrong? No matter how it is You even can not speak because limping and groaning taschishsya a meeting in damned boots and wistfully think that the season finale will have to study tomorrow on spoilers on the Internet. But the girlfriend would easily come into your position. So you go inand go into warmth and comfort to your favorite heroes and happy end-ends. There will be something to discuss on the next ( voluntary ) Bachelorette party.

You deserve better
An interesting pattern a former girlfriend is always an empty useless person not worth her tears. I did not appreciate I did not understand it’s all my own fault. Following Your ex is the best person on Earth about whom you need to sob under the sad music with a break for late suppers with bad wine. Follow him in social networks consider joint photos ( he deleted them? More wine ), Write Hello at night and then go out to the second round of sobbing because he read but did not answer. In general her boyfriend lost and your allegedly abandoned. She is a miracle and you yourself are to blame. You of course are a good friend and always on her side. So sometimes in a similar situation it’s useful to be on your own. And remember you’re a miracle, tooa real and very important.

I’ll be right there
To postpone all matters in the name of friendship is easy Poor thing is sad after the break. Or she sat with the child and wants to go out into the people while her mother-in-law agreed to replace her. Or moves and in your trunk just get in her sofa and 14 chinchillas. For some reason, it is customary to try. The guest will never be given a sandwich made of stale bread they will not be offered stale bed linen which is too lazy to change. And I’m sorry for myself. It is possible and so to manage in a simple way. Even new slippers are always given to guests. And the first pancake lump and cooled coffeethe hostess although it is she who is supposed to be hot fragrant with a gentle foam. Offer him and drink it in silence and goodness We let our friends be just peoplenormal imperfect. One your girlfriend is always late another is nudd the third is talkative. So what They have many wonderful qualities. We appreciate forgive and love them the way they are. That would be with him like that, eh? If you do not fall in love so far then at least try to make friends.

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