How To Build A Successful Culture In Your Company

Many companies are established not merely to cheer up the business stage. Surely the owner wants their company to be legacy and last for years, and not even a few who put forward the stigma, wanna be the largest company. Even, a trader pecel catfish any five, want his business to grow from 1 jongko to 1 stall and grow into a franchise pecel catfish with dozens of outlets. It’s naive to set up a business, just to pass the time or just for the BEP. Apart from that foundation, a company will sustain or survive, rather than develop, a strong corporate culture is required. Corporate culture is intangible assetswhich must be built early, as the initial identity of this establishment of the company. Many ways to build a corporate culture transformed into a culture of success for every human organization.

New companies will grow, thrive, survive until the legend in later ages is nothing but and only if, able to build and maintain a company culture consistently. Consistency is a price worth paying for a company’s legacy owner. Even so, a company leader, though not a company founder, must have a harmonious spirit to develop a sustainable corporate culture.

1 – Choose Passion and Desire versus Skills

Skills are of course very important for any job, but potential does not mean anything if there is no desire / passion / passion or passion for the job. Christine Sfeir, owner of Dunkin Donuts in Lebanon, notes that there is a structure in the workplace to teach the right skills in working at his restaurant, but the most important thing for an employee is passion or passion . “What are their skills, can be taught, but behavior is something that is difficult to teach,” explained Sfeir.

2 Test Your Prospective Employee with Direct Practice

During the interview you may see a potential on the candidate figure of the employee. But there is no other way to see firsthand how far they are the right people to participate in building a corporate culture, except by interacting in the work environment. How will they associate with colleagues and customers? Part of the interview process conducted by Sfeir is to bring them to a store and see how prospective employees interact with the real world.

3 – Cross-Functional Training to Identify the Best Skills

Having many employees with different talents can certainly help cover the workload. But overlap teams in their respective skills will help the business grow. Not only are you backing up in the absence of an employee, but your employees can learn different ways to deal with the same challenges and find more effective ways of performing the tasks. This method can then be extended to other work locations. Cross Function will make a comprehensive business process more effective from multiple points of view.

4 – Provide a Strong Assessment, but Positive for everyone

To ensure consistent high performance runs, KPI and Internal Audit are essential in the company. It provides a consistent and common goal for all employees, making it easy for managers to raise issues to the surface and instill improvement. More importantly, KPI will ensure a win-win experience for everyone involved.

5 – Give them an Extraordinary Experience

Despite all your efforts to build a strong culture, employees will not be happy to work for your company if their experience is not satisfactory. What experience is needed in working, depending on what you will make as a culture. In his donut shop Sfeir, put forward a Smile Culture. Sfeir makes sure every employee is happy with a smile, and easy to give a smile, because they are convinced to be in a business that makes people “smile”.

Corporate culture becomes an intangible asset that needs to be prepared when an owner is building a business. A sustainable corporate culture is fundamental to the company’s business continuity. Ways to build a successful culture within the company are addressed to every employee. Finding Passioned Employees makes it easier for you to put them in their jobs and make it easier for them to come up with the best skills. Clear, Decisive Assessments and Exceptional Work Experience will be parameters for building a Success Culture within your company. Successful Culture attached to each of these employees will become a Sustain- able Corporate Culture.

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